Covid-19 restrictions expand in Eurasia as vaccina

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Covid-19 restrictions expand in Eurasia as vaccination rate picks up - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In Russia, employers in the food supply, grocery service and some other sectorsIndoor and outdoor organized gatherings, who are obliged to have 60% of their employees vaccinated by July 15, are asking for the deadline to be extended to August 15 because of the lack of capacity at vaccination centers, Chris Weafer, co-founder of Macro-Advisory in Moscow, said in an emailed note on July 13.

He noted that there has been a spike in total new cases nationwide, despite a fall in Moscow, as the delta strain moves to other regions, particularly St Petersburg and the Moscow region. The death rate is at a record high of 5s population of 26 million.,000 per week, reflecting both better forensics and the fact that the more deadly delta strain is spreading across populations with low vaccination rates.

According to Weafer, the Rosstat data for May showed a death rate that was back to normal, but this was the calm before the storm of the third wave. The government estimates that deaths were 13% higher in June, implying 35Do you have any favourites among these shotsShare your opinion with us via social media.,000 excess deaths, the highest since January.

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