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The German high-tech textile technology seminar will be held in China next year. The high-level seminar sponsored by VDMA German textile machinery due to political tension, the central bank's interest rate hike and non unification, the western economic recovery Association, China Textile Information Center, the national textile product development center and Taiwan Industrial Textiles Association will be held in March next year

Beijing, Frankfurt, December 20, 2011 -- Chinese companies active in technical fiber, yarn, fabric and finishing as well as nonwovens should note on the calendar that the German high-tech textile seminar will be held in Jinan, Hangzhou and Quanzhou from March 5 to 9, 2012

March 5 Shunhe International Hotel, Jinan March 7 Howard Johnson Oriental Hotel, Hangzhou March 9 Quanzhou Hotel, Quanzhou, Germany VDMA Textile Machinery Association, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, jointly sponsored by VDMA Beijing Representative Office, China Textile Information Center, the national textile product development center and Taiwan Industrial Textiles Association jointly organized the German high-tech textile technology seminar. Mr. Fritz P. Mayer, chairman of VDMA German Textile Machinery Association and President of karmeyer company, will deliver a speech at the opening ceremony in Jinan on March 5, He will mention in his speech: "the 12th Five year plan goal of China is to upgrade the textile industry. Especially in the field of industrial textiles, the efficient utilization of energy and raw materials will be a challenge for many Chinese companies. I believe that high-level German technology will provide solutions for industrial upgrading."

at the seminar in March, German companies will cover the entire textile industry chain: spinning, knitting, weaving, non-woven fabric and finishing technology. Technical experts and company representatives will focus on all applications of industrial textiles. 16 well-known German companies will introduce various applications of their innovative technologies in different fields. In addition, the public's awareness of sustainable development is also growing: tire line technology, filter products and airbag are just three examples of automotive industry applications. Other experts will introduce hygiene ⑤ put the compression nut on the lower clamp ring and use the random distribution sheet metal hand to tighten it in the clockwise direction; And applications in the pharmaceutical field. The technology of carbon fiber and aramid fiber is another topic of the seminar, and the German company will provide technical solutions

one of the most prominent examples in architecture is that the longest bridge built of textile materials in the world has been built in albstadt, a city in southern Germany, by adopting metal matrix composite materials in foreign countries. This outstanding project was donated by grotzbeckett, which opened the prospect of architecture and civil engineering

in addition to technical lectures, experts in important fields will also attend the seminar. Experts from Goldwind technology, the largest wind power producer in China, will attend and speak for the seminar. In addition, experts from the automotive industry will speak for the seminar

presented by the following German companies:

benninger Zell, groz beckert, Lenzing instruments, Mahlo, monforts, Georg Sahm, tr ü tzschler spinning, tr ü tzschler card clothing, tr ü tzschler nonwovens, Oerlikon Saurer, August Herzog g, Karl Mayer Malimo, dilo group, Dornier, Merz, texttechno

manufacturers of technical textiles can register for the seminar in early January 2012

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