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Germany HBC industrial remote control system

Germany HBC funktecknik GmbH has been engaged in industrial radio technology for more than 50 years. HBC has always dominated the field of industrial wireless remote control and maintained its position as the largest manufacturer of professional lifting machinery remote control products in Europe and even the world. So far, HBC has produced more than 100000 sets of remote control systems of different types

for many years, HBC remote control system has been the preferred manufacturer of the world's most famous crane manufacturers, such as Mannesmann, abus, Stahl, Demag, AUMUND, Voith, donges, KONE, Pfeifer, man GHH, heibronn; At the same time, HBC has established long-term cooperative relations with Liebherr, palfinger, Putzmeister, HLAB foco, Atlas and other manufacturers in the fields of tower cranes, truck cranes, cement pump trucks, etc

the development of China's paper industry is far from that of western developed countries due to its outdated equipment and aging technology. Recently, due to the introduction of technology and the renewal of equipment, the paper industry has been thriving. However, most of the lifting equipment in the paper industry still maintain the traditional room control or ground control operation mode of left-right rotation, with compact structure and low efficiency. The maximum damage load of the material should be estimated. The safety and reliability are poor, which hinders the development of the paper industry

in the workshop and warehouse of the paper industry, the operating structure of the industrial crane and the excess capacity at different stages are the concentrated reflection of the unfair product structure of the plastic processing industry. The operating environment is very bad. The temperature of the high-altitude cab is 5 to 10 degrees higher than the ground, the labor intensity of the workers is high, the hoisting is frequent, the hoisting accuracy of the paper roll is not high, and the efficiency is extremely low. After the remote control system is adopted, the operator can walk freely with the transmitter, and may work at the nearest and best position. Due to the dual axis rocker of the launching simulation linkage platform, one hand can control two machine hooks at the same time, and one hand can be freed to hold the rope and hook. Therefore, the remote control operation greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, which is safe, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving. The most obvious thing is that the operation efficiency can be increased by times

during the overhaul of the machine, the problem of using the wire control box to operate the crane was obviously exposed. Most workshops have assembly line operation and large mechanical span. When the equipment is disassembled and hoisted, the operator often needs to work on both sides of the equipment. It is embarrassing that people have to use a long hook to hook the wire control box in order to avoid obstacles or some pipes in the air of the workshop when the connection is OK. After the remote control is adopted, the traveling crane can well meet the needs of the maintenance traveling crane to "cultivate the army for a thousand days and employ the army for a while". The finishing rolling workshop with such advantages is particularly remarkable. The finish rolling workshop has very high requirements for paper finish, all rolls need to be frequently ground and polished, and the hoisting operation must be accurately controlled. After the HBC remote control system is adopted, the operator can walk freely on the ground, select the best viewing angle position, and carefully lift, load and unload the finishing roll, avoiding any damage to the precision finishing roll and expensive grinder in the lifting process. In this way, not only the safety and reliability of the production process is improved, but also the production efficiency is improved. However, it is difficult to meet the process requirements by using room control or ground control

at present, due to the rapid development of China's paper industry, many paper mills have adopted HBC remote control system in the transformation of new or old cranes

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