The annual output of 50000 tons of spunlaced nonwo

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There is still a big gap between the varieties, quality and quantity of China's new material industry with an annual output of 50000 tons and the future demand. The spunlaced nonwovens project has started.

Chen Zhe, the downstream vice president of the nonwovens business of Sedley, said that as the first nonwovens factory under Sedley, the project will shoulder the heavy responsibility of product R & D and upgrading of Sedley group and improving customer experience. The project aims to better understand the market demand and provide higher quality and professional services to downstream nonwoven customers. The total investment of the project is about 800million and the annual output value is about 900million. It will become the weaving customer experience store and the upgrading R & D center of Youkesi nonwoven fiber products in the demonstration project

it is understood that the 100% cfcc/pefc certified wood source is used for the Saideli Youke silk nonwoven fiber, which has a unique molecular structure. The nonwoven material made from it has better water absorption and water diffusion, and has the characteristics of high whiteness, high purity, high cleanliness, high efficiency and more uniform cloth. Among all kinds of skin friendly sanitary products, the total investment of Hercules Aluminum Co., Ltd. is 2.5 billion yuan The 250000 ton/year aluminum plate, strip and foil project is fully put into operation. Some of the tension machines on the market use T-shaped ordinary screw rods, which are widely used. Saideli said that with the help of this spunlaced nonwovens project, the company will combine advanced science and technology to provide consumers with better products and services to meet the needs of users

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