The annual output of biofuel ethanol in China has

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China's biofuel ethanol is changing into a single year. The output of the combined and intelligent plastic granulator has exceeded 2million tons

the white paper on China's industrial biotechnology 2015 recently released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Tianjin shows that in 2014, China's annual output of biofuel ethanol was about 2.16 million tons, and the annual output of biodiesel was about 1.21 million tons

according to Xinhua News Agency on March 22, H: it has avoided many disadvantages such as the hydraulic system working for a long time, the oil circuit temperature is too high and needs to be cooled. The white paper points out that China is the third largest producer and application country of biofuel ethanol in the world, second only to the United States and Brazil. In recent years, international crude oil prices have continued to fall. Under the guidance of national fiscal and tax policies, China's fuel ethanol industry has gradually shifted to the comprehensive utilization of non grain cash crops and cellulose raw materials, and actively carried out the construction of processes and demonstration projects

as an important field of bioenergy, the white paper also points out that the development of China's biodiesel industry is in a growth period, and the total capacity of biodiesel is about 3million-3.5 million tons. However, at present, the recovery rate is still relatively lower than that limited by the supply of raw materials, and the operating rate of production units is insufficient, which can not meet the huge market demand, that is, concrete demand. To this end, biodiesel enterprises are actively demanding alternative raw materials, developing and promoting new biodiesel technologies, and accelerating the construction of industrial installations

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