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Vodafone Hutchison Australia (hereinafter referred to as Vodafone Hutchison Australia) CEO Inaki berroeta said that improving customer satisfaction, launching customized mobile packages and preparing for the next generation of 5g mobile services are the top goals in the next year, according to the Australian Canberra times

belota claims that 2018 is a turning point for Vodafone, because the national broadband network (NbN) will expand nationwide. He pointed out that reducing the level of customer complaints by increasing automation and preparing for fixed broadband products and 5g mobile services were his priority goals

Vodafone plays an important role in changing the price and profile of mobile customers. It is expected that its users and revenue will continue to rebound in the next 12 months, exerting pressure on telst and Optus (which can be used for similar uses - for example, as sealant RA) and even reducing their profit margins

belota became (0.15m) in March 2014; CEO。 At that time, the company had lost more than 2million users due to network failure (2) with protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, upper and lower limits of displacement and emergency stop

he said: it took us two years to upgrade and improve infrastructure. We didn't stop and still improved the network at the same speed, because we had targeted 5g. I think we will provide 5g in Australia by 2020

in addition, belota pointed out that last year, every 10000 customers filed 3.5 complaints with the telecommunications Ombudsman, and Vodafone plans to further reduce the level through independent choices such as the application myvodafone

cti Forum recently learned that about 50% of customers use myvodafone for self-service, and Vodafone plans to increase the proportion to more than 70% in the next 12 months

this blessing and cost reduction enable the company to let the employees of the customer service center assume other responsibilities and improve satisfaction, because customers usually tend not to ask questions when going to the customer's home to check the on-site installation

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