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The average annual installed capacity of China's wind power will reach 3billion kW by 2060

the average annual installed capacity of China's wind power will reach 3billion kW by 2060

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at the 2020 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition held on October 14, representatives from more than 400 wind energy enterprises around the world jointly signed and issued the Beijing Declaration on wind energy: develop 3billion wind power, lead green development, and implement the "30.60" goal, It is solemnly proposed that in the "14th five year plan", wind power must be set with a development space that is compatible with the carbon neutral national strategy: to ensure an annual increase of more than 50million kW. After 2025, the annual installed capacity of wind power in China should be no less than 60million kW, at least 800million kW by 2030 and at least 3billion kW by 2060

for comparison, in 2019, China's wind power increased and installed capacity by 25.74 million KW, including 23.76 million kw of onshore wind power and 1.98 million kw of offshore wind power. This means that wind power is about to enter the doubling stage

according to the data of the national energy administration, from January to August this year, the newly added capacity exceeded 10million kW, and the total installed capacity exceeded 220million kW, ranking first in the world

in the context of "rush to install", the development of wind power has achieved positive results this year, but there is still a long way to go to meet the requirements of the goal

a wind energy enterprise who participated in the declaration told that from the current point of view, the goal of the declaration cannot be achieved overnight. "The declaration clearly states that the annual installed capacity of 50million kW by 2025 refers to the average installed capacity in five years, rather than the number that can be achieved from next year." He said, "in fact, even if we take the disassembly manual data of a mainstream intermediate car as an example, it is not enough to 'rush to install' the fan before the subsidy, and it will take years of efforts to achieve it."

in terms of policy, according to the current policy documents, for onshore wind power projects, for example, in the past 2018, China Zhongwang only approved before providing aluminum extrusion base for automobile manufacturing enterprises, but it has not been completed by the end of 2020, or from 2019 to 2020, but it has not been completed by the end of 2021, the state will no longer subsidize; All projects approved after 2021 are at par

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