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Analysis on the development of recycled carton board industry in Western Europe

the situation of carton board market in Western Europe is not good. According to the recently released factory data of corrugated carton boxes in Western Europe in the second quarter of this year, their factory shipment volume is 1, so they have a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanical properties of materials, which fell by about 1% in the quarter. The shipping volume of cartons showed a weak trend, which also appeared in the consumption of cartons

in addition, due to the terrorist attacks on the United States, the already weak economies of European countries and the United States have been further damaged. In the previous two to three weeks, the industrial production in Western Europe was poor, and many users were ready to clear their inventories before the end of this year, which was expected to make the demand for packaging cardboard in the European market more sluggish. Whether the situation of the packaging board market in Western Europe will improve next year depends on the consumption and export demand in the region. If the economy in Western Europe starts to improve next year, its consumption is expected to increase significantly, but at least at present, reducing inventory is a good thing for stabilizing the market

despite this situation, the European region still plans to expand the production capacity of recycled carton board, and Austrian mburgcr announced that it will expand its production capacity. So what is the driving force for the manufacturers to expand the production capacity of recycled cardboard? To answer this question, we must first look at the profit level of carton board manufacturers in Western Europe in the previous 12 months

since the second half of last year, the profit of recycled carton board has improved greatly, mainly due to the continuous decline of its production cost. Although the demand outlook for the rest of this year is not very good, at least until the end of this summer, its trend has remained in a good state. Therefore, it is expected that the overall profitability of carton board manufacturers in Western Europe will be relatively normal this year. Due to the continuous decline in the price of recycled waste paper, it is estimated that the production cost of recycled cardboard will be reduced by 16% in the year. Therefore, the profits of recycled cardboard manufacturers in Western Europe this year can be close to 40%. The high profits enable the cardboard manufacturers to seize the market share by making profits to all users

many manufacturers in Europe admit that their profits have increased, so they announced to expand their production capacity two or three months ago. They also estimated that from 2002 to 2003, with the improvement of the demand for all kinds of recycled cardboard, its average annual growth was about 120000 tons. However, it should be noted that this growth is only half of the average annual growth of production capacity in the plan. What is more serious is the current sluggish demand in the region. This ambitious plan to expand production capacity will lead to a trend of oversupply of recycled carton board production in the Western European market, giving birth to the endogenous development momentum of private enterprises. In this way, the production plants in Western Europe will rely on the export market to promote their products by completely enlarging and converting the work by a/d converters in a certain period of time, However, it is worth noting that during this period, Asia, the main sales market of recycled cardboard in Western Europe, is also vigorously developing and expanding its cardboard production capacity. At that time, how to solve the crisis of overproduction in the recycled carton board industry in Western Europe is bound to reduce its production and operation rate, which will eventually lead to a decline in the profit margin of the manufacturer

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