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Future development direction of equipment manufacturing: intelligence and energy saving

with the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the development depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing equipment in China are increasing. The industrial system of intelligent manufacturing equipment represented by new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, and automated complete production lines has initially taken shape, and a number of major intelligent manufacturing equipment with intellectual property rights have achieved breakthroughs, In 2010, the sales revenue of some intelligent manufacturing equipment industries, such as industrial automation control systems and instruments, numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and their systems, exceeded 300billion yuan

however, as an emerging industry that is being cultivated and growing, China's manufacturing equipment industry still has prominent problems, which are mainly reflected in: the ability of technological innovation is weak, and core technologies such as new sensors and advanced control are controlled by others; The industrial scale is small, the industrial organization structure is small, scattered and weak, and there is a lack of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness; The industrial base is weak, and the market share of high-end and special sensors, intelligent instruments and meters, automatic control systems, high-end numerical control systems and robots is less than 5%

Wang Xiaohua, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Liugong group, believes that domestic enterprises have been trying to break through the core technology of key parts. More and more Chinese enterprises interpret the verification regulations of JJG torsional fatigue testing machine, go out to sea, strengthen international capital operation, and hope to obtain foreign current advanced technology with the help of cross-border mergers and acquisitions to improve their core competitiveness. He believes that China has manufacturing advantages, while Europe has the advantages of technology, brand and marketing network. The implementation of international mergers and acquisitions is the transformation of China's independent brand enterprises to acquire advanced technology and implement global operations, from large to a strong industry university research collaborative innovation mechanism that constitutes normalization. The main products are hydraulic universal testing machines, electronic universal testing machines, friction and wear experiments, pressure testing machines, tensile testing machines, change testing machines Material impact testing machine is an effective way to grow into a world-class multinational company

in the future, the equipment manufacturing industry will develop in two main directions: one is to develop from a single variety to multiple varieties and specifications, and the other is to develop in the direction of energy conservation. In order to meet the needs of complete sets of manufacturing projects, an enterprise needs to manufacture the equipment required by the project, which determines that the trend of all the equipment provided by a manufacturer will become larger and larger. In recent years, energy conservation has become the principle and goal of industrial development. From the perspective of energy conservation, the development of energy conservation and environmental protection is the general trend, and it is developing towards subcritical and supercritical high parameters to meet the needs of low energy consumption of mechanical equipment

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