The funeral of the hottest toy dealer who committe

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The funeral of the toy dealer who committed suicide in recent years due to the recall of toy paint is held today

the funeral of the toy dealer who committed suicide due to the recall of toy paint is held today

August 17, 2007

[China paint information] "the death of Zhang Shuhong, to some extent, is a tragedy under the cruel rules of the international trade game." Dr. he Maochun, director of the law office of the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, was deeply sorry to hear that the Hong Kong boss committed suicide


industry organizations commented on the recall of toys with lead paint

Mattel recalled toy cars made in China with lead paint again

the boss hanged himself: the recall loss of toy paint exceeding the lead standard was $30million

Chinese officials responded to the recall of toys with lead paint

Mattel recalled 1.5 million toys made in China

in addition, it was learned that, Zhang Shuhong's memorial service is scheduled to be held at Nanhai funeral home in Foshan at 10:00 today. After his body is cremated in the mainland, his family will take it back to Hong Kong for placement

the two "letters" to the inspection department failed

the dilemma faced by Zhang Shuhong before his death can be seen from a sincere "situation statement" submitted by the company to Foshan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau on August 6, The article said: "the total annual production value of the company is about 200million yuan, and the gross profit margin is about 6%~7%, belonging to a low profit industry. Therefore, the event (that is, the recall of toys exported to the United States in June) has affected the company's economic losses. Since the middle of June this year, the company has stopped production for rectification for nearly two months. If it can't resume production and export, the company will collapse immediately."

the article also hopes that the inspection and quarantine department will resume its export as soon as possible. Previously, the company has submitted a description of the recall of its products. However, the relevant departments did not reply. Some insiders, who declined to be named, said that this was because China hoped that the US company would jointly undertake the export of American toys. However, the US side was unwilling, so Lida's toys were suspended

in this regard, Dr. he Maochun did not confirm. "There is more than one enterprise facing the same situation as this toy company." He Maochun said that such a tragedy has something to do with the enterprises themselves. "Many enterprises still do not have enough understanding and psychological preparation for the cruelty in the international market."

Lida: the loss of sampling inspection is a lesson

in the recall of Lida toys, the outside world questioned why the problem toys were not detected before leaving the factory? In this regard, Mr. Xie, the person in charge of Lida, told that Lida had a strict management system, and the recall was an accident

Lida's production process is tested by Mattel's quality control (QC) personnel. Mr. Xie said that the top three companies in terms of revenue achieved by Lida were Nine Dragons Paper (32.093 billion yuan), Chenming Paper (22.907 billion yuan) Hengan International (19.277 billion yuan) also conducts sampling inspection on each batch of export goods of businesses participating in the "green action plan". The main units for inspection are Guangdong Import and export toy inspection center, Shenzhen China testing agency (approved by Mattel), and the inspection center of Hong Kong manufacturers association in Hong Kong. "The reason why it was not found out was that the problem paint was initially mixed with qualified paint, and the initial amount was very small, and the probability that the problem toys could be spot checked was very small. When the qualified paint was gradually used up, a large number of problem paints began to go online. By mid to late June, Mattel had detected the lead content exceeding the standard for the first time."

he said that this incident was a painful lesson caused by the company's relaxation of paint sampling due to rush delivery

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