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In 2015, the funding for scientific research instrument development projects reached 550 million

in 2015, the application funds for major national scientific research instrument development projects (free application) should not exceed 10million yuan/item, and the funding period is 5 years. In 2014, the national major scientific research instrument development project (free application) accepted 630 applications and supported 64 projects, with an average funding intensity of 7.03 million yuan/project

the national major scientific research instrument development project (the former national major scientific research instrument and equipment development project), facing the scientific frontier and national needs, taking the scientific goal as the guidance, encourages and cultivates the development of exploratory scientific research instruments with original ideas, focuses on supporting the development of original major scientific research instruments and equipment, provides more novel means and tools for scientific research, and comprehensively improves China's original innovation ability

1. Scope of funding

(1) to promote the development of original scientific research instruments and equipment that are generally important for the development of experimental science and the development of research fields in these specifications

(2) research and development of scientific research instruments and equipment used to discover new phenomena, reveal new laws, verify new principles and obtain new data through key core technology breakthroughs or integrated innovation

(3) development of novel scientific instruments and components with broad application prospects

II. Application conditions

the applicant should meet the following conditions:

(1) have the experience of undertaking basic research projects

(2) have senior professional and technical positions (professional titles)

scientific and technical personnel who are engaged in research in the post doctoral workstation, studying for a graduate degree, and listed in paragraph 2 of Article 10 of the regulations shall not apply

III. application attention: the enterprise adheres to the main purpose of building a business with integrity, keeping the business with quality, and building a business with enterprise

(1) the applicant should carefully read this guide and write the application according to the outline of the application for national major scientific research instrument development project. The funding category is "national major scientific research instrument development project", and the subcategory description is "free application". If the applicant has undertaken other projects of NSFC or other national science and technology programs related to this project, it should list and detail the differences and links in the "research basis" part of the report body

(2) the applicant is requested to apply for research funds objectively and realistically according to the actual needs of adjusting the passive needle compression spring screws developed by the instrument. If the evaluation experts determine that the applied funds exceed 30% of the actual needs, they will not be funded

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