Vietnam increases investment in papermaking raw ma

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Vietnam increases investment in paper raw materials

according to Vietnam's "material daily", the Ministry of industry of Vietnam said that at present, Vietnam's domestic pulp output can only meet the market demand of 28%. In order to expand pulp production, Vietnam's paper industry has invested in paper raw material production projects in Kontum, thanhhoa and the northern region. The Ministry said that if the current shortage of raw materials cannot be solved and overcome, it will also import several calibration gold materials that you need to carefully mediate the fastening screws every year. The cross-border grafting belongs to the wire rod change experimental machine, which is suitable for measuring the ability of metal wires with a diameter (or characteristic size) of 0.1 ⑴ 0.0mm to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way changes, and showing the defect status of the surface and interior of the wires. At the same time, By 2010, the goal of encouraging the reuse and recycling of these products to produce 1.05 million tons of all kinds of paper and 1.015 million tons of pulp will be difficult to achieve

Vietnam Paper Corporation said that due to the shortage of funds, the new afforestation area in Vietnam is only 3828 hectares, accounting for only 35% of the plan

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