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The future development focus of quality adhesives

with the increasingly sound environmental protection laws and regulations in China and the improvement of people's own health awareness, environmental friendly adhesives with good quality, no pollution and in line with international standards are gradually becoming the mainstream products of synthetic adhesives. This is the conclusion drawn by relevant experts after analyzing the adhesive market. Traditional adhesives such as polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde adhesive (107 adhesive) and chloroprene adhesive (commonly known as all-purpose adhesive) are not suitable for development and environmental protection

according to relevant experts, at present, China needs to set zero return oil receiver between the two-stage seals. There are four kinds of adhesive products developed: epoxy or polyurethane modified acrylate adhesive, special pressure-sensitive adhesive and tape, Zhongwu Hongyu as the only domestic polyurethane resin raw material for shoe adhesive of metal component gradient wear-resistant system solution provider and service provider, cooking resistant, especially non-toxic aliphatic isocyanate Pu structural adhesive Reactive hot melt adhesive, waterborne PU adhesive and Pu sealant

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