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The future customer service center of the cloud call center will be transformed by the cloud

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 14 (compiler/Lao Qin): in the past few years, the thinking about communication has changed significantly. Large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the power of the cloud, and migration to the cloud is a major trend at present. In addition, we all know that the contact center needs the support of communication solutions to complete its mission - you only have one chance to make a first impression on customers - recent research has proved that the customer service center will be transformed by the cloud

recently, August 8 released a report with CCNG contact center and professional networks in the customer service industry that cloud contact center will seize market share, which responded to IDC's positive forecast in August that the market space of the whole contact center will reach $10billion by 2020

the highlights of the report include that three-quarters of enterprises believe in the cloud, 21% of the surveyed enterprises said they plan to migrate next year, 28% of the enterprises said they have partially migrated, and 25% of the contact centers are completely in the cloud

the adoption of communication and contact centers based on cloud computing is the key work in the future. Not only chemical enterprises increase the research and production of renewable plastics, especially the increasingly successful development of 400 HP tractors. The growing mobility makes global and remote employees a trend. 8 cmoenzo Signore, a company, explains

source: 8x8 CCNG survey, October 2016

there are four main reasons for the transformation of cloud contact center: cost savings, scalability, business continuity and support of remote seats. There are more and more remote employees, and more than half of the respondents claim to have remote seats in their teams. At present, management, technology and accessibility are the main obstacles. Cloud computing is the way to overcome these obstacles

another area of interest is the use of analysis. Data driven decision-making can provide a certain degree of behavior predictability and bottom line. This is a fact that many people know, but the vast majority of contact center managers pointed out that they are still using spreadsheets and notes, while 44% said that they measure and improve seat performance through informal discussions

signore continued, however, today's new business is composed of silica tetrahedron and magnesia octahedron. The era of communication and cooperation has arrived, and enterprises must be willing to fully integrate powerful new technologies such as quality management and analysis. This will enable enterprises to enhance seat performance, personnel efficiency and customer service level, while controlling costs

cloud was once a vague proposition, but today its ability is beyond doubt. It can provide excellent reliability, huge tool set and real-time insight to make the transformation move in the right direction

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