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Black/white film for packaging is a novel packaging that has become popular in recent years. In Japan and other developed countries, because of its excellent heat sealing performance, unique function of avoiding light and oxygen, as well as the advantages of being convenient for storage and transportation, and relatively low price, it has been widely used in the packaging of fresh milk with many years of experience in the packaging of lithium-ion batteries for notebook computers and other electronic equipment. This trend of foreign packaged fresh milk consumption market should be highly valued by us. The black-and-white film of fresh milk will be the development direction of fresh milk packaging in the next few years. On the basis of maintaining the retention period of fresh milk, it can significantly accelerate the exploration and development of domestic lithium resources, significantly reduce the cost of product packaging, meet the requirements of environmental protection, and avoid the defects of traditional packaging. At present, the black-and-white film of fresh milk packaging used by dairy companies in China depends on imports

the black-and-white film of fresh-keeping packaging is generally composed of three or four layers of different polyethylene and black-and-white masterbatch. Its heat sealing performance is an important physical index of packaging. For the black-and-white film of fresh milk packaging, the excellent heat sealing performance can ensure that the fresh milk has a wide heat sealing temperature range on the automatic packaging line, which is conducive to improving the packaging speed; And in the process of refrigeration and transportation, the sealing hydraulic universal machine will not break the bag at the operation steps in the metal tensile test. Generally, Metallocene Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (mLLDPE) with high branching degree, uniform and narrow molecular weight distribution is used as the black-and-white film heat sealing layer to improve the heat sealing performance of black-and-white film packaging. This makes it suitable for the automatic packaging of fresh milk (vertical molding - filling - heat sealing) with high requirements for thermal bonding strength compared with previous years, and will not break the bag under the impact of fresh milk, thus ensuring the quality of fresh milk packaging

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