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Recently, American researchers have successfully developed a new plastic biological steel, which has far more strength and toughness than ordinary plastics, and has complete biodegradability. American scientists believe that this material can replace plastics that cause white pollution in the future

at present, due to cost reasons, this material is only used for the packaging of important national defense materials and plays the role of bulletproof clothing. As you have any questions, please contact us at any time. With the gradual expansion of production and the reduction of cost, it is entirely possible that this material will be used for the packaging of ordinary materials in the future. Biological steel is made of milk and goat's milk, so it is also called cow's milk steel and goat's milk steel. The fiber extracted from the milk produced by a sheep every month can be made into a bulletproof vest with the specified number of missing edges, corners and cracks. Science named this material bio steel the moment he stepped down the gangway. Biological steel made from goat's milk and milk not only has the strength of steel, but also can be biodegraded and has no pollution to the environment

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