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Blood stained needle tube turned into food packaging bag continued: open and check the reselling of medical waste

in the end: blood stained needle tube turned into food packaging bag flashback: after two months of unannounced visits, it was found that the treatment of medical waste in many medical units in Shenyang was very chaotic, and many medical waste was purchased by private individuals and used as raw materials for making food packaging plastic bags. Stop the set friction experiment, and this illegal collection and sale of medical waste has not been effectively regulated. Check the full text

the whole city opened to find out who was reselling medical waste

the report of this newspaper caused strong repercussions. Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau banned the acquisition of medical waste black dens

how tall are the cartons containing sodium chloride and glucose bottles piled together; Blood filled infusion tubes and needles are entangled -- this is not the case in the drug storage warehouse of the hospital, but a true portrayal of the medical waste purchase point hidden in the inconspicuous Rural Courtyard

yesterday, this newspaper reported that the Ganguan area of Yangshi Township, Yuhong District, Shenyang has become a medical waste distribution center, which caused strong repercussions. According to the information provided by this newspaper, the solid waste management office of Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau learned and studied the development law of raw material industry at home and abroad, and immediately banned the three acquisition sites in this area, and said that it would cooperate with the health department to focus on the outflow of medical waste in the city recently, launch a one month special rectification action, and set up a special report on the outflow of medical waste, Citizens can call 12369 to report to Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau

at about 1:00 p.m. yesterday, law enforcement officers from the solid waste management office of Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau came to Ganguan District of Yuhong District together to ban the acquisition sites involved in the acquisition of medical waste

when the law enforcement personnel arrive at this medical waste, please check whether the main motor source or communication line is connected normally! " At the time of the distribution center, the doors of the three adjacent acquisition points were closed. Law enforcement officers looked inward through the crack in one of the doors and could see many large bags filled with infusion bottles, some bare, and some soaked in heated bathtubs

at another acquisition site, law enforcement officers found a van parked in a yard full of infusion bottles. The truck was also full of infusion bottles that had been cleaned. Law enforcement officers found a patient's medical form on an infusion bottle that had not been washed in time, which also indicated the patient's medical records...

the boss of the third acquisition point never showed up. A large number of infusion bottles were left in the processing workshop and warehouse, and infusion tubes, needle tubes and needles could be seen everywhere on the ground. After nearly an hour of inspection and evidence collection, the law enforcement officers banned the three adjacent medical waste acquisition sites and sealed the medical waste

a staff member of the solid waste management office of Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau said that in the future, Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau will cooperate with the departments of health and urban construction that must be reliably grounded to carry out a special rectification action in the whole city within one month, systematically inspect the storage, transportation and disposal of medical waste, and impose heavy fines on medical institutions that illegally resell medical waste

(reprinted from: Liaoshen Evening News, Tao Gang, Wang Peng)

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