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On August 17, the bisphenol a market held steady, and sellers were optimistic about the picture after stabilizing the market, pushing up

August 18, 2006 news: good atmosphere, stable market, active merchants, and improvement in the downstream have become the main characteristics of the current domestic bisphenol a market. On the premise that the downstream market continues to push up and the construction has improved, the bisphenol a market has stabilized on the new price platform. According to market experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the mainstream transaction price in East China remained stable at 14700 ~ 14805.9 yuan/ton last day (August 17), and reached more than 15000 yuan/ton in other high-end markets. With the strong support of the external market, the fundamentals of the domestic trade market are optimistic, and the mentality of market participants is positive

last day (August 17), the domestic bisphenol a market continued to show the mainstream quotation of 15000 yuan/ton in East China, and the mainstream transaction price was 14700 ~ 14800 yuan/ton. The market quotation was strong, and traders intended to stabilize the market before trying to push up; The mainstream quotation in Huangshan is 15000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 14800 yuan/ton, which continues to be basically the same as that in East China. Local downstream manufacturers still have certain inventory resources; The mainstream quotation in North China is 15000 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price is 14, and the investment attraction is increased by 900 ~ 15000 yuan/ton. Local traders are looking for goods at low prices to cover their positions and fight the aftermarket; The mainstream quotation in South China is 15300 ~ 15400 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is 15100 yuan/ton. The resource supply is slightly tight. The market atmosphere is better when the outdoor sports fields and cultural welfare facilities such as external basketball courts and volleyball courts use the high position of tile plastered sites to catch up with the market

at present, the domestic bisphenol a market has reached a new high in the year. From the market reaction, the platform of 15000 yuan/ton seems to be stable, and many market participants still have considerable upward psychology. According to the analysis of market experts of China epoxy resin industry association, under the condition of upstream support, the external price and production cost of bisphenol A will still reflect the driving factors; However, the downstream epoxy resin market is going well, with the market improving, the start-up improving, and the demand for goods increasing. Coupled with the social inventory of bisphenol A and the gradual reduction of downstream manufacturers, the bisphenol a market has reason to further rise. At present, the import data in July, as the focus of the market, is also an important chip affecting the future market

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