The most popular Black King Kong forces Tibet high

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Since the beginning of this spring, the agricultural machinery station of the Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Tibet Autonomous Region has introduced taishan-1404, taishan-1604 Taishan-1804 and other large tractors, 2bfg-5/rotary sowing fertilizer applicator, Taishan heigang heavy local subsoiling machine, Shaanxi Asian Olympic subsoiling and land preparation machine and other advanced agricultural machinery have been vigorously tested, demonstrated and promoted in Naidong District of Shannan City, Longzi county and zacao County, sangzhuzi District of Xigaze City, and Luolong County of Changdu city


2bfg-5/rotary sowing fertilizer applicator is the contact person of the agricultural machinery station of the Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Mr. Qian was first introduced from Xi'an Yaao seeder factory, and has six functions: soil subsoiling, rotary tillage and land preparation, deep application of chemical fertilizer, wide ridge sowing, ridging before sowing and suppression after sowing; Taishan Black King Kong heavy-duty local subsoiling machine was introduced from Shandong Guotai Taishan Group, which can adapt to complex plots with poor soil moisture and more stones in Tibet, ensure the operation quality and meet the requirements of subsoiling operation. French auto supplier Valeo has developed a top pillar module, low-cost and high-quality battery grade lithium carbonate, 3-yuan precursor, etc./p>

the use of new agricultural machinery not only reduces labor input, improves operation quality and efficiency, ensures the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, but also drives the enthusiasm of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives in the project area to carry out agricultural machinery operations and other social services. From the effect of the test and demonstration, the effect of using new machines and tools to implement new technologies in the project area is obvious. The processes of subsoiling, arable land, land preparation, fertilization, suppression, ridging and so on are integrated on average, reducing the number of tractor times into the land; Reduce the operation cost by more than%; Improve operation efficiency by more than times; The qualified rate of operation quality is more than 95%, which is obviously better than the traditional operation mode from the current emergence situation. Up to now, the pilot demonstration area of the project area is more than 40000 mu, and the growth of highland barley operated with new agricultural machines and tools is generally better than that sown with traditional operation methods

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