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home decoration o2o meets the bottleneck of development

China has a huge industrial scope, prices are rising, and urban consumption remains high. People pay more and more attention to these cases of financial management we see. While pursuing a high-quality life, they do not forget to carefully calculate their daily expenses and do not spend any more money. Decoration is a big expense for every family. How can we buy the most cost-effective products without lowering the grade and saving money to the greatest extent

with the popularity of the Internet and its popularity in providing shopping convenience, and after several years of e-commerce testing, o2o mode seems to have been forgotten and become the most well opened e-commerce mode at present and the trend of future development. Of course, the home decoration industry will not lag behind and continue to fight in the world of o2o. However, for consumers and businesses, this emerging model is not as popular as expected. The problem of how to obtain/provide high-quality services has brought a lot of confusion to both sides. The collapse of a station with an investment of 300million this year also confirms that home decoration o2o is not as beautiful as expected

merchants invested in publicity, spent money, and also called a group of users, but there were few orders; The brands on the platform provide customer service respectively, and the service quality cannot be monitored, so it is difficult to deal with complaints. Developing medium and high-end products is a problem encountered by many businesses at present. The plate is bigger, but the number of orders is very few

ordinary consumers are still confused and even questioned about this consumption mode: the quality and safety of offline furniture are worrying, and how can online products reassure people; The last kilometer of transportation and loading and unloading is maddening; At the moment of opening the package, I found that the picture of Heluo was thousands of miles away; Once there is a problem, whether it is returned or repaired, it is separated from the past by several mountains and rivers; Platform e-commerce only provides shopping guide information. If you want to understand each product, you have to check the service yourself, and you can't make a good comparison.

Qijia, take user experience as the first.

how to improve the transaction rate and make incoming users your guests? Conclusion ease of use means that businesses should combine the advantages of Internet, improve users' shopping experience, increase their shopping confidence, and make them believe that home furnishings are as reliable as entities, so as to generate orders

Qijia is undoubtedly a successful case in terms of the concept of service first. Shopping guide information is very important in the home decoration industry o2o. It is not only limited to product sales and service information, but also a cutting-edge position. It is the shopping guide process of consumption, word-of-mouth plus information consultation, product price consultation, etc. customers can call Qijia 400 service no matter which store or product they want to know on Qijia platform. Professional customer service will not only give customers detailed answers, It will also help customers compare similar products of different brands horizontally, so that customers can buy at ease

in terms of after-sales issues, Qijia platform provides value-added security services such as genuine guarantee, advance compensation, price search, etc., to escort every customer who comes to shop. Once the customer calls 400 to complain, Qijia promises to respond within 3 hours, give a preliminary solution within 1 day, and reach a consensus within 5 days. The complaint handling mechanism has solved the substantive difficulties for nearly 1000 customers, with a resolution rate of 100%, so that customers have full trust in home decoration o2o and relieve their worries

the concept of user experience first makes Qijia quickly become the largest pre-determined decoration company platform in China at present, with more than 30000 building materials and furniture suppliers, and first-line brands such as toto, Kohler, farnsa, American Standard and Wrigley cooperate to improve professional building materials and home furnishing procurement services for 1million users every year. In 2013, qijiashang achieved a transaction amount of more than 20billion yuan, has 5000 decoration companies, and is expected to exceed 10000 in 2014, providing professional decoration services to 100000 users every year

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