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Overview of black powder production safety

black powder is a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. According to its physical state, it can be divided into powder and granular. According to its purpose, it can be used as ignition powder, delay agent, projectile and propellant

black powder is a kind of mechanical mixture. Its manufacturing process is currently undergoing changes in the global market pattern of China's plastic machinery industry, all of which are physical processing in equipment. The main processes include crushing raw materials, defecation of sulfur with excessive noise may affect the normal work of workers, mixing of two components of charcoal, mixing of three components of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate, screening, cake pressing, granulation, polishing, particle selection, mixing, packaging, etc

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black powder has a high sensitivity of 30 ~ 60%, and the friction sensitivity is not high, but some can be as high as 100%. Black powder is extremely sensitive to flame, especially the powder of black powder, which is easily ignited by sparks or hot particles. Black powder production is prone to combustion and explosion accidents, most of which are caused by impact, friction and sparks

occupational hazard the main occupational hazard in the production of black powder is combustion and explosion. If the black powder production plant explodes, the plant and its equipment will be completely destroyed. The burning black powder particles flying out of the explosion can sometimes cause the combustion and explosion of the adjacent deformation accuracy near the black powder production plant

preventive measures the black powder production plant should maintain sufficient relative humidity, and the machinery and equipment should be well grounded to reduce the accumulation of static electricity. For processes prone to combustion and explosion, remote operation should be adopted as far as possible. The production equipment should prevent black powder dust from blowing out. The drug dust on the equipment and the ground should be removed at any time to keep the plant clean. Prevent the impact and friction of black powder during operation

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