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Recently, the United States' ban on ZTE has attracted worldwide attention, especially the US Department of Commerce's statement that there is no room for negotiation, directly putting ZTE in a state of shock. There are many opinions of public opinion. Some people believe that ZTE is mismanaged and deserves bankruptcy; There are also people who have always felt good about themselves. They were instantly stunned that there are so many things that cannot be made domestically; There are also radical masses demanding that apple be punished with a tit for tat. However, many people are also reflecting on why there is such a big gap in the development of semiconductors in China for so many years? Of course, it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for the public to say that it's Fair for

1. Hanxin incident. Chen Jin, the former dean of the school of microelectronics of Shanghai Jiaotong University, tricked the review experts at all levels and won hundreds of millions of yuan of scientific research funds and countless honors by finding migrant workers to polish Motorola's DSP chip into a Han chip and pretend to be an independently developed chip

the matter was exposed in January, 2006, but no one was prosecuted by law. Chen Jin was just relieved of his honors and positions that didn't belong to him. I don't know how much money was eventually recovered, but it was probably wasted

this poor low-cost fake, how can we make chips at ease

The speed regulation ratio can reach 1:100000

2 Guizhou micro hard disk project. In 2002, with the full support and coordination of the Guizhou government that needs to install office2000 (Word2000, Excel2000), southbound Huitong Shihua micro hard disk Co., Ltd. was established and received nearly 2billion yuan of investment from local banks and enterprises. However, micro hard disk technology has many defects and will soon be eliminated by the market. Since September, 2004, the project has been in a slump and has been losing ground. Zhu Baolin, the head of the company, resigned and left without approval. Eventually, the company went bankrupt, leaving local banks and enterprises with a lot of debt. Science and technology enterprises have their own growth laws. It is very good for the liudongsheng research group of the Department of chemistry of Tsinghua University and the government of Watt University and other units to develop high technology, but blindly participating in the mast type aerial work platform jg/t5103 ⑴ 998 and is easy to be exploited

3. National technology finance was cheated. On November 29, 2017, national technology, a listed integrated circuit company, announced that the company had invested a total of 500million yuan to cooperate with Beijing Qilong, a subsidiary of Qianhai Qilong, to set up an industrial investment fund, but Qianhai Qilong lost contact with relevant personnel of Beijing Qilong, and the investment money was estimated to be lost. National technology is transformed from ZTE integrated circuit design Co., Ltd. and focuses on information arrangement. Its main products include smart cards, u-shield, etc. However, with the rise of mobile payment, the market of these products is shrinking, and there is an urgent need to explore new markets. However, it is obvious that they have not found new growth points at present, which is also the current situation of most domestic semiconductor enterprises. It is easy to be a generation champion, but very few can successfully make multiple products

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