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Ti introduces four new processors

recently, Ti announced the launch of four new processors with unparalleled connection options and fixed-point and floating-point functions - tms320c6742, tms320c6746, tms320c6748 and OMAP - press the "return" button l138. At the same time, these four products are also the lowest power consumption floating-point digital signal processors (DSPS) in the industry, which can fully meet the requirements of high energy efficiency and connectivity design for highly integrated peripherals The need for lower heat dissipation and longer battery life

the above devices combine a series of unique application optimization features and peripherals, which can significantly reduce the overall system cost of industrial, communication, medical diagnosis, audio and other products. For example, the relay protection system can fully benefit from the fixed-point/floating-point DSP, ARM9, Ethernet controller (EMAC) and LCD controller of OMAP-L138 device, and its cost can be reduced by nearly $14 compared with the current solution. For applications requiring high-speed data transmission and high-capacity storage, such as measurement and testing, public safety radio, music effects and smart home sensors, these processors not only have universal parallel port (UPP), but also are the first ti devices to integrate serial advanced technology attachment (SATA)

these products have performance up to 300 MHz and can manage on-chip power through dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (dvfs) and a variety of power saving modes. With Ti power management software and supporting simulation solutions, developers can optimize the system, improve performance and reduce power consumption without becoming energy-saving technical experts. In order to simplify the design work and shorten the development time, the new products are pin to pin compatible, which can be code compatible with all TMS320C6000 devices, and provide a low-cost experimental board and a fully functional evaluation board (EVM)

key features and advantages of c6742, c6746 and c6748 DSPs:

· the total power consumption of the lowest cost and power consumption C6000 processor and the lowest power consumption floating-point DSP in the industry is 420mw, and the standby power consumption is 7mw when the voltage is 1.0V under specific use conditions

· standby power consumption is up to 9 times lower than the existing floating-point DSP solutions on the market

· ti's first SATA integrated processor can support large capacity data storage

· UPP can realize high-speed connection with digital to analog converter, FPGA or other c6742/c6746/c6748/OMAP-L138 processors

· EMAC, multimedia card/secure data card (mmc/sd) and high-speed USB 2.0/1.1 can fully meet the needs of desktop, network or portable connection or storage

· the video port can support the input and output of the original video according to 3 diamond materials, while the LCD controller enables developers to easily connect the display screen with VGA resolution

· DV wood flour has good overall wettability. FS provides multiple operating points, which can turn off unused peripherals and provide optional i/o voltage. These excellent characteristics help to improve portability and reduce the heat output of the product

· the supporting Ti tps65070 power management product can implement all timing and default options, and can support the low power consumption mode of devices

· the c674x core up to 300 MHz can provide floating-point working capability for high precision and wide dynamic range, and can achieve higher performance fixed-point working capability

· c6742, c6746, c6748 and OMAP-L138 can achieve pin to pin compatibility, enabling customers to expand the entire product range using the same software and hardware platform

· 128 KB to 448 KB of on-chip memory reduces external memory access and power consumption

omap-l138 processor features and advantages:

· the dual core processor based on c6748 DSP adopts 300 MHz ARM9, which provides developers with a high degree of flexibility, so that they can add intuitive and easy-to-use man-machine interface, touch screen or network functions to their applications

· ARM9 enables developers to implement advanced operating systems such as Linux

· it is expected to provide Windows Embedded CE and integrity support in the fourth quarter of 2009

· the total power consumption under different use conditions is 440mw, and the power consumption in standby mode is 15MW

development tools that can meet the requirements of various professional and technical levels:

· the price of the community support experimental board provided by logic for designers and manufacturers is only $149. It uses OMAP-L138 system on module (SOM), 64 MB MDDR, open source Linux and in vehicle air quality, which has been incorporated into the management and dsp/bios driver of national 6 for the first time, and can be used for the development of any of the above four products

· Ti omap-l138/c6748 EVM is applicable to developers who need comprehensive peripheral access and comprehensive Ti technical support. The EVM is based on the experimental board, with additional c6748 SOM, double capacity memory (128 MB MDDR) and comprehensive support for connected peripherals

· OMAP-L138 (SOM) is provided by logic. It is a solution that can meet manufacturing requirements. It has 128 MB MDDR, power management and Ethernet PHY. The unit price of 1000 EAUS is less than $99

price and availability

tmx320c6742, tmx320c6746, tmx320c6748 and OMAP-L138 processors have started to provide samples. Ti has a wide range of low-power DSPs (including the lowest standby power DSP in the industry from C5000 product series to ultra-low power microprocessors), the lowest power floating-point DSP and analog power management solutions, so that it can always lead the development trend of the market with the low-power innovative technology applied to the whole product series

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