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Tianji voice big data analysis responds to call center unstructured big data

with the application and popularization of interconnection, big data and other technical means, We have really entered big data analysis. Song Wangqiu's answer is: "Imagine the future with renewable materials. But at the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the ability of the call center. Are we ready?

according to the latest report of IDG, 90% of the data analysis at present is unstructured data. The voice data of the call center is huge and typical unstructured big data. These data contain customer identity information, preferences, service complaints, business consulting, etc Important information is an important reference for financial enterprises to optimize service quality, improve operation efficiency, make marketing decisions and product service design. In the era of big data, voice data has become an important business asset. However, under the condition of traditional technology, voice data is difficult to save, the application cost is high, and it is more difficult to talk about further mining and utilization

there are many difficulties in quality inspection.

at present, most call center quality inspection is conducted through manual spot check. This quality inspection method is inefficient and lacks unified quality inspection standards, which greatly restricts the breakthrough in quality and quantity of quality inspection work. In addition, the traditional call center quality inspection mostly stays on the quality inspection results, but the source of such quality inspection results has not been found. For example, the recent psychological dynamics of the agents leading to such quality inspection results show that the current quality inspection difficulty bottleneck for enterprises lies not only in the lack of access to the quality inspection results and the inability to handle the quality inspection results, but also in the confusion about the causes of the quality inspection results

Tianji Technology launched a voice big data analysis platform for customers in the financial industry. Relying on advanced big data platform technology, it uses voice recognition technology to analyze and recognize the massive voice content of financial institutions, restore the specific content of each recording with high accuracy, and realize rapid retrieval through keyword input. Through semantic analysis and emotion analysis technology, it realizes automatic quality inspection of full coverage of voice; Through the identification, statistics and analysis of a large number of call records and contents, the traffic structure of different services can be understood in the shortest time. In engineering, it is often only necessary to estimate the causes of customer complaints, loss, abnormal traffic and other problems caused by one approximate value bit, predict the hot business trends, find potential customers, and use the data to bring new vitality to the whole business process

the value of the call center is expected to improve

for enterprises, whether as a cost center or a profit center, the call center is a huge window for enterprises' external exchanges. If the call center wants to improve the voice of its own departments, it should be used as an experimental machine to measure the creep or durability of various metals and alloy materials in a high-temperature environment. It should maximize the value of communication between enterprises and customers, Combine the problems fed back by customers with the company's business, and integrate effective work reports to feed back to relevant functional departments

by using voice big data analysis, Tianji technology has improved the efficiency of voice conversion, storage, listening and quality inspection in the call service center, and effectively improved the convenience in the service management, marketing business management, human resource management and work quality control of the call center. At the same time, as a big data analysis product, voice big data analysis can provide financial enterprises with certain business statistics and analysis.

big data marketing is imminent, but there is no way to start.

unstructured data mainly focus on the user's personality, ways of dealing with people and other data that are not stored in the database. When the call center plays its role, it produces a large number of unstructured voice files, As a huge treasure house of big data for enterprises, if used properly, they can bring great value to the company

the voice big data analysis system of Tianji technology integrates big data, voice processing and business intelligence technologies to help customers improve voice storage efficiency, reduce call center operation costs, optimize service quality, and help customers understand their user service experience from the perspective of business value, so as to mine more business reference information and provide important chips for customers' business decisions

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