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Ti introduces fully integrated digital dual power driver with on-board power MOSFET

recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of a digital dual synchronous step-down power driver with integrated power diskette free MOSFET, protection module and monitoring features. Compared with the industry standard driver, it can significantly reduce the board level space and the number of components by 80%. Ucd7242 gives designers the flexibility to use two independent 10 a rails or one 20 a rail in a small package. This high accuracy on-die current sensing element eliminates the trouble of calibration or temperature compensation. The input voltage range of ucd7242 is between 2.2 V and 18 V, and it can support various application fields, such as test and instrumentation, telecommunications, commercial power supply and motherboard with multiple load points. To order samples, please visit

ti's easy-to-use fusion digital power designer graphical user interface (GUI) enables designers to easily cooperate with ucd9xxx controller to support the features of ucd7242. This free downloadable tool enables designers to complete the configuration of all device parameters in a few minutes, which can not only significantly simplify the development work, but also greatly accelerate the product launch process. To download fusion digital power designer, please visit:

ucd7242's main features and advantages

the matching driver is not closely cooperated with the MOS industry chain. The FET can drive two 10 a outputs and one 20 a output. The power supply range is between 2.2 V and 18 V, the highest net profit increase of Jizhong energy, and the frequency range is between 300 kHz and 2 MHz, ensuring a high degree of design flexibility

high side MOSFET, low side MOSFET, driver, current sensing circuit, temperature sensing circuit and necessary protection functions are highly integrated in the 6 mm x 6 mm subminiature QFN package, which can not only significantly save space and reduce the number of components, but also greatly accelerate the design process

ucd7242's advanced monitoring function (including accurate current monitoring output and temperature monitoring output with error within +/-5%) can reduce the number of parts, improve reliability and accelerate the product launch process

accurate current limit (+/-3.3%), thermal shutdown and independent marking of each channel can provide powerful protection for the power level system

the special control signal used to turn off the low side MOSFET of each channel can ensure that ucd7242 can achieve high efficiency even under extremely low load conditions

price and supply conditions

ucd7242 is packaged with qfn-32 and has been supplied. (3) The steel ball in the adjustable buffer valve is not closely connected with the ball seat

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