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The ups and downs of China's automobile industry for 70 years have hidden the economic context of the whole country.

in July 1987, on a sweltering summer day, a 70 year old man was at the 30-year Anniversary Conference of FAW Jiefang Truck, It's hard to hide my excitement:

"I'm old and can't devote myself to the third entrepreneurship of China's automobile industry. However, I'm willing to lie on the ground and turn into a bridge, so that everyone can step on my body to walk through, work together to build a car, and realize the Chinese car dream of our generations."

the scene was silent, and the people under the stage saw that his eyes were shining with tears, and he cried, full of old tears

half a month later, the old man suddenly fell ill while inspecting the Santana localization project in Shanghai. His last words to the world are: "comrades, I'm very tired and want to sleep for a while."

this old man is Raobin, who is known as the "father of China's automobile industry"

he was the first factory director of FAW and FAW, and worked with workers to build Jiefang, Hongqi and Dongfeng motors

in the early 1980s, he took the lead in establishing China Automotive Industry Corporation, and continued to promote the reform and opening up of China's automotive industry in the front line of the industry

in 2009, China's auto production and sales jumped to the first place in the world, and millions of cars entered Chinese families. The pioneers of Rao Bin's generation failed to wait until this moment

in the past 70 years, countless Autobots like Rao bin have emerged in China's auto industry

most of them have ups and downs in their lives, which are almost isomorphic with the automobile history of new China - they have not only contributed their own efforts to her, but also experienced hardships because of her

in the rolling torrent of history, their lives seem to be coming and burning for Chinese cars, even if they finally cross like a meteor in the night sky

time can pass, lead can be washed away, and life can die out, but generations of famous or unknown Autobots have their dreams of national cars across time and space, engraved on the ruts, and become an indelible mark along with the economic development vein of the new China's automobile industry and even the whole country

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At the beginning of the founding of new China, people were poor and destitute. This is bound to be an era that requires passion

In December 1949, Mao Zedong boarded the special train to Moscow. An important purpose of this trip is to seek assistance for the economic construction of new China

according to official records, as soon as he arrived in Moscow, Mao Zedong, led by Stalin, visited Stalin's automobile factory. Looking at the assembly of cars on the production line, Mao Zedong said to his entourage, "we should also have such a large factory."

this sentence, like a bugle, sounded the horn of China's automobile industry in China

three months later, the Ministry of heavy industry of the Central People's Government (later the first Ministry of machinery industry) organized the establishment of the preparatory group for the automobile industry, with Guo Li as the director and Meng Shaonong as the deputy director, opening the curtain on the preparation for the construction of the first automobile factory

on July 15, 1953, in Mengjiatun, the southwest suburb of Changchun City, on the ruins of the Japanese Kanto army killing Anti Japanese heroes, 10000 builders gathered, and six young Communists carried the white marble cornerstone engraved with Mao Zedong's inscription into the venue. With the roar of bulldozers and horses, China's automotive industry laid the first cornerstone

subsequently, the army from all over the motherland was busy and struggling to build the first automobile factory of its own in New China. Trains loaded with all kinds of materials and a vast labor force are boiling on the construction site. They work in cold and summer seasons. In the blank of history, factories have sprung up one after another

the passion and dedication of that era created miracles

through the joint efforts of China and the Soviet Union, only three years later, on July 14, 1956, the first batch of 12 liberation CA10 trucks produced by FAW came off the production line, officially ending the history of "China can't make cars"

after the celebration, more than 400 model workers and advanced workers took the newly assembled Jiefang automobile and formed a team to report the success. They met with the staff of the whole factory and drove to report the good news to the provincial and municipal Party committees. Thousands of people stood on both sides of the road, competing to see the style of domestic cars. People continue to throw colorful paper flowers on the motorcade, and those who do not have paper flowers throw sorghum, corn and millet on the car...

that is the purest joy, not contaminated with complexity, full of national pride belonging to the era of resource scarcity

2 Yinlong, Jinlong and Phoenix

Jiefang cars have inspired the whole country, like sprouts, and stimulated the growth of China's automobile industry

in the same year when the liberation CA10 truck came off the production line, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held an expanded meeting. Mao Zedong interposed in the middle and said, "when can we take our own car to the meeting?"

under this call, after a year of deployment plan, Shi Ruji, who was then the director of the design department, and another Engineer appointed by FAW arrived in Beijing in June 1957 to collect relevant data and drawings of domestic cars

like most industries that started in New China at that time, the conditions for developing domestic cars can be called "four noes": no data, no experience, no tooling, no equipment, everything should start from scratch

Shi Ruji found a French SIMCA vedetti (SIMCA vididi) in the careful screening of many foreign car materials, and selected it as the reference model

based on this car, the designers of FAW made bold assumptions and ideas. While maintaining the smooth development of the model, they integrated the style and characteristics of the Chinese nation, and designed a three-dimensional logo with the shape of "silver dragon" for it. Later, it was changed to the design of golden dragon, representing the national symbol

on May 12, 1958, with the implication of "east wind prevails over West Wind", China's first car, code named Dongfeng ca71, drove off the production line, filling the gap in China's car industry. Rao bin drove the car into Zhongnanhai himself

after the advent of Dongfeng ca71 in Changchun, not only was it filled with joy in the north of the motherland, but also the people of Shanghai South of the Yangtze River were greatly encouraged and came up with the idea of building their own cars

Shanghai makes cars with its own foundation

Shanghai automobile factory was built by German Baochang company as early as the Republic of China, and was owned by British Liwei automobile company in 1918. After liberation, it was integrated into Shanghai automobile decoration factory and later renamed as Shanghai automobile factory

however, although there were some old-fashioned technicians in the Shanghai automobile factory at that time, the equipment was seriously scarce and the productivity was extremely low. Therefore, like Dongfeng, this car building plan found a foreign mature model as the blueprint

a Mercedes Benz 220s was selected by Shanghai automobile factory. After the car was transported back to the factory, dozens of the most powerful industrial enterprises, including Shanghai chassis parts factory and Shanghai internal combustion engine parts factory, participated in the development process of the car, and almost every part will have a corresponding department responsible for research and development

after six months of efforts, on September 28, 1958, SAIC's first prototype car was assembled, and they named it "phoenix". The logo of the Phoenix shape of the car head is also to echo the shape of the silver dragon and golden dragon of the Dongfeng ca71 car head

like liberation, Dongfeng and Phoenix are also the notes in the preface. A car, a city, a brand, the classic story continues to compose new Preludes, and the growth rings of the times slowly move forward, constantly bursting with new expectations

3 red flag! Red flag

it is the red flag that has been full of stronger national feelings since its birth that has taken over the liberation, Dongfeng and Phoenix flags

on June 25th, 1958, when conveying the spirit of the League Central Committee meeting, Wang Daoyi, Secretary of the FAW Youth League Committee, asked the participants a question: "can we trial produce a high-end car before the 10th National Day holiday?"

at that time, they were distressed by a news from Beijing: the Beijing automobile factory, which had just produced the first Jinggangshan brand car, was entrusted with the important task of trial producing high-end cars and presenting a gift to the national day

this news is like a ripple of spring water, amplified in circles in the hearts of FAW people

in May before that, FAW adopted the "Three Combinations" approach, and it took only six months to trial produce China's first car, Dongfeng ca71. They eagerly expected that the first high-end car would also come from their own enterprise

in the evening of that day, Chen Quan, then director of FAW's design department, called everyone to a meeting for discussion. Everyone who choked his stomach talked one after another, and their views were surprisingly consistent: we must seize the "first" of the first limousine. At this meeting, they also made a schedule: the chassis design section handed over the chassis drawing at the end of July; In September, the body design department trial produced the body

the spirit of FAW management to win the first place has infected every FAW employee layer by layer. Just do it. On July 1 of that year, FAW's limousine project was officially launched

even if there are many difficulties, everyone is highly motivated, with or without conditions. FAW employees shouted "take the east wind, show the red flag, and take out a limousine on August 1st to see Chairman Mao!" Slogan

the development of luxury cars is far more difficult than before. FAW's reference blueprint this time is a 1955 Chrysler Empire, but the casting of V8 engine is difficult for FAW experts

Lu Yanbin, a student of Liang Sicheng, the former head of the design department of FAW car branch and architect, recalled that the biggest difficulty in trial production was the engine, among which the casting of the cylinder block was the most difficult. At that time, 97 of the 100 cylinder blocks cast were scrap, but experts still selected several blanks from a hundred to process, and finally built the V8 engine

in September 1959, an arduous political task fell to chenziliang, the 40 year old director of the forging workshop. In mid September, with him as the team leader, 30 comrades who served with the car delivered 33 Hongqi ca-72 and 2 convertible inspection cars to Beijing wholesale

35 Red Flag cars gathered in the capital automobile company, which seemed to become a different landscape. Everywhere we went, countless citizens watched, "red flag! Red flag!" The cry of resounded through the sky

years are like a rainbow, and the blood dedicated to the National Day is boiling in the hearts of countless Autobots. No matter whether they participate in the manufacturing of red flags or whether the vehicles they make can be fortunately moved to the center of the stage, they are using their youth and life to boost the progress of China's automotive industry

4 special symbol

at the military parade of the tenth anniversary of the national day, whether it is the red flag or other brand vehicles that have won the honor of appearing on the stage, it has boosted the confidence of Chinese people in building cars and laid the foundation for the scale "mass production" of new China's cars

but in the years before entering the homes of ordinary people, cars, like other strategic materials in short supply, first implied some special symbols in the ups and downs of national development

in the winter of 1961, Beijing was particularly cold. At the Beijing automobile manufacturing plant in the eastern suburbs, workers worked hard to ensure a special

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