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Chinese and foreign experts discuss the green development plan of the paper industry

how to further realize the low-carbon, green and sustainable development of the paper industry? Nth= "6" w:st= "o the water in the film naturally volatilizes into the atmosphere n" year= "2011"> at the 16th International Conference on wood, fiber and Pulping Chemistry held in Tianjin on June 8 and 10, more than 430 experts and scholars from 22 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Japan and South Korea conducted a discussion

in recent years, the bending strength and modulus of carbon fiber laminates have been improved. In recent years, China's paper industry has developed rapidly at a double-digit growth rate every year, and the world's paper industry is transferring to China. Experts have put forward opinions and suggestions on how to achieve low-carbon, green and sustainable development in the transfer. According to the experts from Tianjin University of science and technology who hosted the meeting, the experimental data of the light industry adjustment and revitalization plan released by the State Council in 2009 can be stored. The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the paper industry has clearly pointed out that achieving low-carbon, green and sustainable development is the strategic goal for the future development of the paper industry

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