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China has broken through the technology of ultra-fine electronic glass fiber to form mass production capacity

Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission has checked whether the transmission belt is loose. Recently, it was announced that the key technology of ultra-fine (5 micron) electronic glass fiber in China has made a breakthrough and formed mass production capacity, and the products have reached the international advanced level, successfully breaking the technological monopoly of the United States and Japan in this field

in the workshop of Chongqing International composite materials Co., Ltd., the production place of ultra-fine electronic glass fiber, we can see that each hair thin glass fiber is continuously produced, and each fine fiber is polymerized by 200 5-micron glass fibers, which shows how "thin" the ultra-fine glass fiber is

According to Wu Shuhuang, deputy director of the high tech development and Industrialization Department of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, electronic glass fiber is a new type of core material, which is made into the basic components of various electronic products and is widely used in, computers, televisions, aerospace, automobiles and other fields. The production technology of ultra-fine glass fiber has been monopolized by Japan and the United States before, and domestic products need to rely on imports to pay high fees

in 2007, Chongqing International composite materials Co., Ltd. undertook the national "Eleventh Five Year" science and technology support plan - superfine. Our original intention of launching this activity was to develop electronic glass fibers and fabrics. The company undertook the R & D and production of raw materials, namely, superfine electronic glass fibers, and two enterprises in Guangdong undertook the R & D and production of downstream products - copper clad laminates. In June, the output reached 18.85 million tons

up to now, the ultra-fine electronic glass fiber produced by Chongqing International Composites Co., Ltd. has accounted for 30% of the global market share, supplied to five downstream enterprises in Taiwan, and recently entered the high-end market in Japan

it is reported that Chongqing superfine electronic glass fiber production guides the development and utilization trend of resources in the whole society, and the production line will be expanded to an annual output of 70000 tons, realizing an annual output value of more than 1billion yuan, and forming a complete industrial chain of superfine electronic glass fiber with international advanced level in Chongqing

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