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Buyers in China and South Korea refuse suppliers' attempts to raise the spot price of pulp

Singapore croissant hammer November 5 (paper ring) - paper mills in China and South Korea refuse producers' attempts to raise the price of pulp, resulting in a contraction in trading volume

in the Chinese market, due to the abundant pulp inventory, buyers refused to raise the pulp price, and traders were caught between producers and buyers in signing pulp trading contracts

in the Korean market, the same situation also exists. Due to the rich inventory of paper mills, they are able to avoid the impact of suppliers' attempts to raise prices. According to a South Korean information source, "South Korea is open to customer demand. China's paper mills have extra months of cork and hardwood pulp inventory, so they are not in a hurry to purchase pulp"

the pulp price of fixed customers in Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia has increased, but they doubt how long the high price can be maintained, so there is only a small amount of procurement to meet the production needs. Buyers believe that the current decline in inventories in North America and Scandinavia has helped the rise of regular pulp prices, but once the North American and European paper mills are shut down again, pulp prices will fall again. The supplier disagreed with this prediction. A major Indonesian producer believed that "only a serious and worldwide economic recession will change the correct course of the current pulp price". He believed that Asian pulp prices would soon recover from their low levels

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