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Chinese and foreign exhibitors gathered at South China International Packaging Technology Exhibition

the 13th South China International prepress equipment and printing industry exhibition (South China International Printing Exhibition 2006), the 13th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (South China International Packaging Technology Exhibition 2006), and the 10th China International Beer The beverage and Brewing Industry Exhibition (2006 South China International Beverage Technology Exhibition) ended successfully in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Pazhou) on March 10, 2006. More than 500 Chinese and foreign exhibitors and more than 30000 buyers from all over the world gathered together. The scale of the exhibition is the first in the area. This exhibition is the largest and most diversified printing and packaging exhibition of the same type in South China, with more than 500 companies from 16 countries and regions, including France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Taiwan Province, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Switzerland, Britain and the United States. The Korean Packaging Machinery Association organized a Korean Exhibition Group for the first time, and the scene was grand

Zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., the organizer, said: with the rapid growth of China's printing and packaging industry every year and the continuous pursuit of high-tech packaging technology and machinery, China is expected to become the center of Asia's future printing and packaging industry. As one of the printing and packaging industries in Guangdong Province with high GDP, South China International Printing, packaging and beverage technology exhibition followed the pulse of the market, letting the audience understand the self-development of packaging and printing products, as well as food, beverage, beer, dairy products, pharmaceutical, daily-use chemical products, their production processes and packaging, printing supporting and connecting, so as to improve the reference effect of technology update and investment and entrepreneurship

this exhibition has achieved the result of measuring the force value of raw products with high accuracy and perfection. Participants agreed that this exhibition provided a professional and fruitful exchange opportunity for the printing and packaging industry. On site, many enterprises have reached cooperation intentions or signed orders. Exhibitors also generally believe that this exhibition has more professional visitors than in previous years. Mr. Luo of Taiwan luotie machinery in the printing exhibition area is very satisfied with the quality of the audience and believes that this trip is the best opportunity to contact buyers in South China. Mr. Ke Shimin Huang in the packaging exhibition area said that South China International Packaging and Beverage Exhibition has always been the company's key promotion project in South China, and it is an excellent platform to expand customer level. This time, it is more about contacting food manufacturers. In front of aokiko's booth, the exhibitors skillfully used the containers produced by the packaging equipment as the display products. At the same time, a new Pt plastic bottle formed by the latest blow molding technology was also displayed on the scene. The visitors who came to watch were full of interest in all kinds of colorful and beautiful packaging containers, which had already crowded the booth

the four-day exhibition attracted more than 30000 industry insiders, 10% more than the previous one, which is much higher than the expected value of any country in Africa and Europe. Overseas visitors accounted for 15%, attracting visitors from packaging and printing plants, food plants, beverage plants, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, advertising and publishing industries to look for printing and packaging supporting equipment, materials and the latest technology. Mr. Deng, who is engaged in printing supporting jiangyen Boyi advertising, said that the purpose of this trip is to compare different styles of bonding machines and paper cutting machines for purchase; Representatives of plastic consulting companies from Hong Kong hope to find packaging machines, beverage and beer bottling machines for customers through the exhibition. They have obtained the latest product information from exhibitors such as Krones, Nanyuan plastic, Jinghe plastic products, etc. on the scene that day; A representative of a printing factory from Shantou agreed that this exhibition is the largest in South China and has the most complete equipment in the field of printing bags. It is expected to attend it every year

in addition to many members of the packaging and printing association from Guangdong Province, the exhibition received the full support of 15 buyers from outside the province, including the visiting groups of Kunming, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian Packaging Technology Association, Shishi, Jinjiang packaging and printing industry association, Xiamen, Nanjing, Jinan, Nanning, Yulin, Changsha, Wenzhou, Shijiazhuang and Wuzhou Printing Industry Association, It not only promotes industry exchanges, but also a big gathering of the domestic printing and packaging industry

2006 South China International Printing Exhibition has attracted a number of well-known exhibitors at home and abroad by virtue of its professionalism and influence in South China. In addition to large enterprises such as Japan's lindco, Kobe, Japan's Weihai Hamada, baifuhong/gmg, European Machinery/Germany's LaserComb, Allie Dennison, Murata gold foil (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Taiwan's man, Luo tie, Wansong ink, domestic exhibitors such as Shenzhen Han Zu, beiren group, Shanghai Electric Changhexing, Shenli group, Qixian, Wutai Group, Shengli Weiye, nanbeiyuan, hongtaixiang, etc. all participated in the exhibition on a large scale, and presented the mold manufacturing in front of the audience with the latest printing technology and equipment

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