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Are Chinese cars shoddy@ Dongmingzhu: let's take a look at China's auto industry 4.0

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why does China's auto industry

make "Dong xiaobaohuan: if there is a sister who buys the wrong model" have such a big prejudice

so Pei Jianru

a while ago, Dong Mingzhu, the chairman of the board, who has always been sharp in words, publicly diss the auto industry when participating in the CCTV "dialogue" column. In the view of "Miss Dong", the accuracy of Chinese cars is not enough, there is no accurate mold, and they cannot be so exquisite. There is a gap in running in and cooperation, so Chinese cars are a little rough. "

this statement immediately caused an uproar in the car circle, and the car circle bosses called "heartbreaking". At the same time that the leaders of automobile enterprises have responded, a question has also triggered the industry's thinking: why does China's automobile industry make "Miss Dong" have such a great prejudice

"Dong Mingzhu obviously doesn't know enough about Chinese cars. Chinese automobile manufacturing has moved towards the era of 'industry 4.0'." On March 23, a staff member of Lingke Zhangjiakou factory said to "daily economy" in the "closed door seminar of the Board Secretary Club of Chinese listed companies - Zhangjiakou special session" (hereinafter referred to as the "Board Secretary club activity") jointly organized by the daily economy and Lingke automobile

on March 23, the Board Secretary club was held in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. Academic experts and industry leaders interpreted the latest policies, shared practical experience, and elite board secretaries collided with forward-looking ideas to discuss the future of the industry. This activity is divided into keynote speeches, theme seminars, factory visits, car test drives and other links


brand is of far-reaching significance to enterprises

at the seminar on the morning of March 23, all guests shared their insights on the industry. "To be a brand or how to improve your brand is far more important for listed companies than for non listed companies." Professor Zhao Ping, director of the China Enterprise Research Center and doctoral supervisor of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, told the daily economy that due to the higher exposure of listed companies, the role of brands will only be greater by comparison

some analysts believe that with the development of the automobile market entering the stock era, the heart stent for 4D printing at the core of the brand is becoming increasingly prominent. Founded in 2017, link auto has been making continuous efforts in brand communication and brand marketing. "Lingke's brand positioning is to break through the tradition." Said Zhang Zhen, the public relations director of link auto

(Zhang Zhen, public relations director of link auto)

"breaking through the tradition" is not a simple slogan. Since its birth, Lingke brand has embarked on the road of innovation. In terms of products, Lingke has successively launched a three-dimensional product layout of "Car + SUV, fuel + new energy". According to Zhang Zhen, Lingke models are divided into four series: pure, model, powerful and brilliant. This division is different from the traditional division of high and low configuration models, which can more comprehensively meet the car purchase needs of urban young consumer groups. It is worth mentioning that at present, 90% of the consumer group of Lingke 02 is the post-85 generation, while 91% of the owners of Lingke 03 are the post-90 generation

in terms of channels, link has built a brand store - link space in the city center based on the offline mode of 4S store. In Lingke space, consumers can not only see and buy cars, but also have more surrounding derivatives. At the same time, linkspace also injects the concepts of social and share, moving from traditional 4S to 6S. In addition, LinkedIn launched a transparent e-commerce, LinkedIn mall, based on its online sales model, to meet the needs of young people for open Internet

in marketing, link has a variety of ideas. In the 2017 Shanghai auto show, link proposed to "visit the auto show like an amusement park" to strengthen the interaction with users and make the audience feel a different auto show; At the Chengdu auto show in the same year, link arranged the projects of merry go round and trampoline at the booth to decrypt the CMA modular platform to the public in a more interesting way

an executive of a listed company said: "LinkedIn's marketing communication mode is novel, trendy and fashionable, which is very worthy of reference by listed companies. In an increasingly competitive environment, how to promote the brand is crucial."

in 2018, Lingke had more than 120000 car users. Zhang Zhen said that in 2019, Lingke will face the challenge of how to achieve brand sedimentation on the basis of existing products


get a close feel of "industry 4.0"

in the afternoon of March 23, the guests of the Board Secretary club and their delegation went to the Zhangjiakou factory of Lingke automobile. With a total investment of 12.5 billion yuan, the Zhangjiakou factory of Lingke automobile is managed and operated by Geely Automobile Group. It covers an area of 800000 square meters, about 1200 mu, and has a planned annual production capacity of 200000 vehicles. It is the production base of Lingke 02, 03 and other models

it is understood that Lingke automobile Zhangjiakou factory has four workshops of stamping, welding, coating and final assembly, which are constructed and managed in strict accordance with Volvo's global quality standards. Compared with factories at the same level, production equipment, production layout, quality process control and other aspects are at the leading level

based on the concept planning of "industry 4.0", link automobile Zhangjiakou factory has realized the information tracking of the whole industrial chain of factory production, covering the interconnection and sharing of materials, products, equipment and other information. The factory information system has many highlights, such as controllable production, error proofing assembly, traceable quality, instructive operation, maximization of efficiency, etc., which vividly explains the new definition of "trend factory"

"industry 4.0 means that production has entered the information age." Tong Xiangbei, general manager of Lingke automobile Zhangjiakou factory, told the daily economy that the production pace of Zhangjiakou factory is 30jph, that is, 30 cars are produced per hour, and one car is offline every two minutes

it is worth noting that the general assembly workshop of Zhangjiakou factory covers an area of 59000 square meters, which is the largest of the four process workshops for vehicle manufacturing. Here, you can see that abb glue is applied to the front and rear windshield of the model; All fastening operations are realized by using high-precision electric tools (Atlas); Data download, detection and fault diagnosis of vehicle electronic control system are realized by vcats technology. In addition, the assembly workshop has also established a real-time information it system for workshop production process management to guide production, manage production and monitor production. After strict process standards, Lingke models finally reach the hands of users

many guests said they were "impressed" after visiting the completed factory, and some even joked: "Dong Mingzhu should come and see for himself what level of manufacturing technology Chinese cars are". Another guest said, "it's expensive to watch a crosstalk. It's over after watching it. It's better to take time to come here to have a look. It's really shocking."


when the secretary meets Lingke

after visiting the birthplace of Lingke model, of course, he should really feel the performance of Lingke model. At the last stage of this spring change experiment, guests will test drive Lingke 02 model and have a deep and intimate contact with Lingke products. LinkedIn 02 was launched in June, 2018 and is positioned as a sedan SUV

although the temperature in Zhangjiakou is not too high, all the guests are in high spirits and the atmosphere is very warm. Lingke 02 goes all the way along the Yanghe River and complements the surrounding scenery

Lingke 02 is full of personality in design style, galloping on the open road, just like a "high-value man", exuding attraction all over. The bright color matching, sliding back lines, and publicized personalized elements... All these make LinkedIn 02 a beautiful scenic spot

Zhangjiakou is known as "tuyere", and the wind here really deserves its reputation. Accompanied by the sound of the wind, there is also the pleasant sound from Lingke engine

gallop all the way back to Lingke factory, and the interesting test drive is over. The directors and secretaries who always pay attention to details and pursue perfection spoke highly of LinkedIn 02. Many guests gave keywords such as "fashion", "trend" and "good driving experience". An executive of a listed company told the daily economy: "this car is very suitable for young people, easy to use, comfortable to ride, and cost-effective."

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