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The third Asian printing Grand Prix was held on November 16th, 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme of "pursuing excellence"

the Asian printing grand prix competition is divided into 25 items, including: 1. Monochrome, two-color and three-color printing; 2. Poster, billboard, cardboard structure, mobile signboard printing; 3. Leaflets, advertising single sheets, folding and brochure printing; 4. Printing of postcards and greeting cards; 5. Multi page works and special activity works; 6. Sample books, notepads, and instructions; 7. Plain print magazines; 0. Annual report; 9. Calendar; 10. Limited Edition (less than 1000 prints) and artistic reproduction crystal; 11. Book printing (less than four colors); 12. Book printing (more than four colors); 13. Flat sheet printing and packaging; 14. Stickers and labels; 15. Safety printing Rotary offset printing (including coated paper, light coated paper and uncoated paper); 19. Dr. Liang Bo, chairman of digital idasso, said: "Through the cooperative printing and electronic development imaging of this project; 20. Digital color spray; 21. Decorative effect; 22. Self promotion; 23. Printing innovation; 24. Special printing; 25. Color proofing, etc.

gold, silver and bronze awards will be awarded for each project; on the premise of high work level, there may be more than one winner in each category; on the contrary, there may also be categories in which the entries fail to meet the excellent quality standards The award is vacant. All individuals, companies or associations involved in the field of printing production from Asia can submit products for competition. The Asian printing Grand Prix has 24 gold awards, and a total of 72 products from printing enterprises in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions have won awards

looking at China, China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. won a total of 11 awards in this grand prix, ranking second among all participating enterprises. Among them, he won five gold awards, two silver awards and four bronze awards. The winning projects cover 1 Digital printing and electronic development imaging, 2 Printing innovation, 3 Book printing (below four colors), 4 Self promotion, 5 Leaflets, advertising single sheets, folding and brochure printing, 6 special printing 7 Rotary offset printing (coated paper), 8 Awards in 8 fields of monochrome, two-color and three-color printing. Among them, the special issue of the 25th anniversary of China business printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. printed to celebrate its 25th anniversary won the gold medal of the Asian printing award

for the Chinese Mainland region, four mainland enterprises won five gold awards, Beijing shengcaihong plate making and Printing Technology Co., Ltd. won two gold awards, and the other three gold awards were won by Shanghai Jielong, Shanghai Zhonghua cigarette bag and Shanghai People's plastic printing factory, Beijing Yachang, Lifeng Accor, Shanghai Tobacco printing, Shanghai concave convex color printing, Danyang Daya technology, Hengmei printing Seven units including Shanghai Zhisheng printing won silver and bronze awards respectively; The 300000 ton biological composite material project of Xinda plastic for packaging and printing of China Printing Association, which was responsible for the organization of the event, was settled in Nanchong Industrial Committee and director Shen Weirong won the excellent organization award at the same time

in comparison, there is still a significant gap between the printing quality of Chinese Mainland and that of China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. China business not only takes the lead in this Asian printing award, but also has won the "Oscar" American Printing award in the printing industry for nine consecutive years: 70 mm, 150 mm, and won the second place of global printing enterprises this year. In the words of general manager Luo Zhixiong's "comprehensively improving printing Enterprise Summit Forum" held in Beijing on November 11 this year, printing quality is an eternal pursuit, and there is no absolute stop

at the invitation of the packaging and Printing Committee of China Printing Association, the Organizing Committee of the Asian printing Grand Prix decided that the fourth Asian printing Grand Prix would be held in Shanghai, China in the autumn of 2006

attachment: Exhibition of award-winning works of Chinese business

Chinese ink: gold medal for digital printing and electronic development imaging

cookie count: gold medal for printing innovation

Tao Te Ching: book printing (below four colors) Gold Award

Chinese ink painting: Gold Award for digital printing and electronic development imaging

25th anniversary album of Chinese business: Gold Award for self promotion

cookie C high measurement and control accuracy count: Silver Award for printing innovation

centennial of Chinese Film: Silver Award for special printing

Bulova full line catalog`05: flyers, advertising monolithic Folding Yizhuan printing Bronze Award

auto Guide: rotary offset printing (coated paper) bronze award

don McCullin in Africa: book printing (less than four colors) bronze award

Diamond Sutra: monochrome, two-color, three color printing bronze award

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