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Chinese and foreign labor technical service contract model

Party A: × country ×× Legal address of the company: ××× (, telegram registration, telex)

Party B: China ×× Legal address of the company: the revision mainly involves the migration of heavy metals, the list of authorized materials and food imitations ××× (, telegram registration, telex)

Article 1

according to the wishes of Party A, Party B agrees to send Chinese engineers, technical workers and administrative personnel (translation can feel the proximity of "double 101" in advance every year, chef) to ×× Work in China. The specific number, type of work, length of service and monthly salary are detailed in the annex to this contract (omitted). This annex is an integral part of this contract.

Article 2

Party B shall be responsible for handling the formalities for the entry and transit of Party B's personnel into and out of China and bear its expenses. The entry and exit of Party B's personnel ×× Visa and visa at the national border ×× Party A shall be responsible for handling the residence, labor permit and other formalities required to be handled within the territory of China and bear its expenses.

Article 3

1. Party B's personnel shall × During the working period in China, Party A shall pay the monthly salary to Party B's personnel according to the provisions of this contract.

2. For Party B's personnel who work less than one month, the following formula shall be used:

salary less than one month = monthly salary/30 days × Working days (including Sundays and official holidays)

3. The above salary shall be paid by Party B's personnel × From the day of the country to the day of departure × Party B shall submit a list of the wages of Party B's personnel in that month, including overtime pay, to Party A at the end of each month. Party A shall pay 75% of the amount listed in the list in US dollars within three days from the date of issuing the list, and wire transfer it to the business department of the head office of Bank of China in Beijing, China at the current quotation ×× company ×× Account and press × country × The bank shall bear the handling charges and notify the Chinese resident bank in writing × The Economic Counselor's office of the Embassy of the people's Republic of China.

5. Party A shall pay 25% of the monthly salary and overtime pay of Party B's personnel ×× country ×× Pay in currency and remit to China resident × Economic Counsellor's office of the Chinese Embassy ×× bank ×× Account.

Article 4

Party A is responsible for Party B's personnel from ×× reach ×× And be responsible for remitting this fee to the above account of Party B. Party B's personnel from ×× return ××, Approved by Party A ×× The airline company provides tickets to Party B's personnel. Party A is responsible for the excess baggage charge of Party B's personnel, which is limited to one-way travel or return, Its weight is 20 kg.

Article 5

1. Party A is responsible for the accommodation expenses of Party B's personnel. It provides transportation from the residence to the construction site during working hours and overtime hours. It is responsible for the medical expenses of state-owned hospitals.

2. The wages and overtime expenses of Party B's personnel do not pay income tax.

3. Party A is responsible for Party B's personnel in ×× The national insurance company applies for life insurance. The insurance premium is (currency and quantity)

4. Party A provides Party B's personnel with work clothes and tools needed for work.

5. The housing provided by Party A includes water, electricity, air conditioning and necessary furniture, beds and bedding.

6. The living area of Party B's personnel is as follows:

(I) team leader, engineer, technician, The administrative staff is 8-10 square meters

(II) the rest of the staff are 4-5 square meters.

7. Party A provides Party B with drinking utensils used in the kitchen and tableware for their own meals.

Article 6

1. Party B's staff work six days a week, eight hours a day.

2. According to work needs, when Party A requires Party B's staff to work overtime, Overtime pay is calculated according to the following proportion:

overtime at ordinary times is 150% of the daily salary, taking 1 cubic meter cube box as an example.

overtime on weekly holidays is 200% of the daily salary.

Article 7

1. Party B's personnel enjoy Sunday leave and ×× The national official holiday is 17 days.

2. Party B's personnel enjoy paid leave for 30 days every year. If Party B is unwilling to enjoy the above-mentioned leave or enjoy some days, Party A shall provide remuneration to Party B, and its salary shall be calculated according to the following method: monthly salary/30 days × Holiday working days.

Article 8

1. According to the requirements of the general interest, Party A has the right to terminate this contract at any time. In this case, Party B's personnel shall enjoy the salary for three months or the rest of the contract, but the shortest time shall prevail. Party B's personnel will have the right to enjoy the payback ××× Party A shall pay the wages of Party B's personnel during the shutdown period for reasons other than Party B's wishes, such as power failure, water shortage, insufficient material supply, etc. but according to the work needs, Party A has the right to make them work on other projects.

article 9

in case of emergency, (Party B has a loss of more than 50% in the country; carbide enterprises have a large loss, and their family members die). After receiving Party B's written notice, Party A will give two months of emergency leave to the people in need, and pay them the remuneration instead of the usual total leave. If there is no salary for more than two months, Party B will be responsible for their travel expenses.

emergency leave, which lasts for more than two months, Party B shall replace it within one month after the end of two months, and be responsible for the travel expenses of the replacement.

Article 10

1. If Party B's personnel are sick or disabled due to work, Party A shall be responsible for paying within two months ×× Domestic medical expenses and all wages. If the patient cannot recover within two months, Party B shall be responsible for replacement. In this case, Party A shall be responsible for the recovery of the injured within one month ×× Travel expenses and replacement ×× Similarly, Party A will ×× The current

regulations in China stipulate various measures to compensate the injured.

2 ×× During the period, in case of death of Party B's personnel, Party A shall handle all funeral or cremation of the remains and transport the remains or ashes back ×× And the cost of transporting luggage and relics back.

in case of death due to work, according to ×× According to the provisions of the national protection law, the pension shall be paid to the family members of the deceased.

Article 11

1. Party B's personnel shall ×× During the service, it should be observed ×× According to the current laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, it is necessary to keep confidential, not disclose secrets, and not do anything harmful to the interests of Party A during its performance of tasks or after the end of the contract.

Party B's personnel should respect ×× Local customs.

2. Party A shall provide Party B's personnel with

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