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China's artificial intelligence is accelerating the rise of industrial ecology

with the accelerated implementation of policies and technologies, the development of China's artificial intelligence is accelerating the rise. The development of artificial intelligence in China is inseparable from the deep excavation of advantages and the combination of strong and powerful Chinese enterprises, which has created an industrial ecosystem with thousands of sails competing

in September 2017, Goldman Sachs released the latest research report on Chinese AI. The report analyzed in detail a number of Chinese companies that benefited from AI technology and various factors of the rise of Chinese AI, saying that China's AI is rising and that China will become a global AI superpower

recently, meituan takeout held a "smart voice assistant" press conference in Beijing. According to reports, the product is based on rich big data and a number of artificial intelligence technologies, so that riders can use voice interaction to complete orders, reports and other operations during the meal delivery process, and there is no need for manual operation. In addition, the system will automatically arouse traffic safety prompts according to the rider's riding status, so as to reduce potential safety hazards and ensure the rider's health (A and D are synonymous with the above). This is Bayer Material Technology Test and show high performance. Although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high, it is another excellent platform for safety of materials. This is also the third key landing project of meituan takeaway "Great Wall plan"

it is undeniable that China is entering the tide of developing artificial intelligence, and the development of artificial intelligence field cannot be separated from Chinese enterprises who are closely watching the tide. In addition to the three bat giants' vigorous cultivation of artificial intelligence, the "intelligent voice assistant" jointly developed by meituan takeout, iFLYTEK and Rococo this time shows us that some companies have blazed new trails and occupied their own territory in the AI field. They either set up a special research and development team, or dig deep into their own advantages, or combine strong and strong forces. In short, they continue to move forward on the road of artificial intelligence, and even achieve little

(2) resistance spot welding. For example, meituan Dianping has established a special team with its unique big data advantages and completed its initial layout in the AI field. Its ability to collect, analyze and apply data will be the source of competitiveness in the AI field. Didi travel has made preliminary exploration in the fields of deep learning, human-computer interaction, mechanical vision and intelligent driving. In its current business, AI technology is applied to driver and passenger matching, route planning and demand forecasting. Hikvision, which focuses on the research and development of security monitoring equipment, also applies AI to the research and development of monitoring equipment, such as smart cameras. In addition, SF Express's AI assists in the sorting, distribution and customer service of express delivery. The on-board robot "ask magic mirror" that goes out to ask has a safer design and intimate on-board navigation function. Dajiang's spirit 4 UAV has also introduced AI technology to consumer UAVs...

do not underestimate these enterprises that have initially set up AI, because they will represent the backbone of China's AI industry, They will penetrate all walks of life in China and establish different service models. As liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, said, "Ai + era is a new era for thousands of developers and scientists in the field of AI. There is a vast space here, which can fully accommodate the industrial ecology of thousands of sails."

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