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There are also bottlenecks in digital publishing. The key is to find a profit model

recently, the national calendar books, a brand-new book publishing brand under the famous history magazine cultural and historical reference, came out. At the meeting, the first batch of five new books of Humanities and history were launched, and two national calendar salons were held, one of which was the way out for digital reading and traditional publishing. At the meeting, experts pointed out that digital publishing has developed rapidly in recent years, but there are still many superficial articles, and a technical form needs to be transformed into productivity to be useful. In other words, we need to find the business model and profit model of digital publishing to be useful. The problem now is how to find a way out

when it develops to a certain extent, there will be bottlenecks in digital publishing

for the trend of digital publishing, sun Yuemu, President of China bookseller's newspaper, believes that first of all, we must admit that everyone can't live without technology, whether they like it or not, they must face it and embrace it. In his view, the spread of digital platforms has actually been for decades. Looking back on the early years, in addition to the three major portals, many of the original platforms have disappeared, so don't be too superstitious about technology. You must find a model before it can survive widely. For example, Apple was very popular before, but the latest new iPad came out, and its popularity is far less than before, because there is a bottleneck in technology to a certain extent

traditional publishing has a long and long vitality. We must not say that it will disappear tomorrow. That's what digital publishers are fooling us to buy. However, different carriers are suitable for different contents. Now reading is very lively, but it is characterized by light, shallow and short reading. For real culture, the two methods adopted by the research group are simple and easy, and must include deep reading, which cannot be replaced by digital reading at present

in the opinion of experts, shallow reading and deep reading must be distinguished. If children talk about reading all day long and use fragment time to read for two minutes, it is called reading. This is not reading. We should cultivate children's fascination with paper books from an early age. If they are infatuated with it, the fate and future of Chinese paper books will be extremely prosperous

no matter what kind of reading

core or content

Xie Xizhang, a famous book reviewer, believes that whether it's digital reading or traditional reading, core or content, if you can't provide me with the content I'm interested in, we can only abandon you. I mean, I'm not used to digital reading anymore, and I have to overcome my unaccustomed to digital reading, if it has something I have to read

screenwriter Shi Hang is a supporter of paper books. He usually takes several books with him when he goes out, such as driving system, bearing and rotation system, temperature monitoring and control, safety and so on. He can read books by taxi and subway. Later, I also used apples for convenience. But later I downloaded a lot and found that I didn't like it very much, because the e-book didn't have a version, which reminded me of the Ditan book market. Finally, Jinan experimental machine factory produced pressure experimental machines and spring experimental machines. Friends in need called to inquire about details! If you put something in there, you will know that there are many wrong words in it. Reading to him is like looking for a specific friend to chat with, rather than saying who is idle and who comes to chat with me for a while

but for Weibo, he thinks it is meaningful to promote reading. I have written nearly 10000 weibos so far, and I copy a lot of books every day. Now buying books in bookstores is a standard. How many weibos can I find and pick out in this book. I think another Weibo is my juicer. Moreover, Weibo has a great advantage. I can't read those that are put there easily. On Weibo, people keep turning over what I wrote before, arguing again, and calling me to review this book

he even raised such an experience to the concept of the soul Museum. I am a screenwriter, and I should write scripts to make money. Others despise me and think I'm not doing my job. I think I'm repairing my mausoleum on Weibo every day. Others will remember him and see if his mausoleum is good. Weibo is my mausoleum. At last, I may not be in this world alone. Sometimes I rely on my own books to spread, but in this era of fragmented e-reading, I think Weibo is more direct and timely than books

in his opinion, traditional publishing is the raw material to help him repair his tomb, because reading books still needs to be bought in bookstores, but digital publishing provides a small platform. For digital publishing and networking writers, his suggestion is that publishing institutions must love these authors. On the Internet, private writing interested in history has become very prosperous, but many authors write this very well, for example, when he writes about the Tang Dynasty, someone immediately booked song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and many networking authors' creative careers have been dragged to the end by the publishing house

traditional authors are relatively self disciplined. In fact, online authors are eager to be spread. If you want to face new authors, you should love them and don't play them badly quickly

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