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Recently, at the third session of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chinaconn successfully broke through the key technical difficulties in the batch preparation of metal nanoparticles. It is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power supply. At the computer and information technology exhibition and Trade Fair of the cooperation Fair, many high-tech "digital products" were happy to spoil the city leaders who came to visit

the exhibition was co sponsored by Jinhua Informatization Leading Group Office, Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau, Jinhua Science and Technology Association sample preparation, Jinhua Trade Commission, etc. the office invited more than 40 manufacturers from inside and outside the province to participate in the exhibition, with 76 booths

at the Jinhua mobile company booth, MMS MMS and SMS shopping, which just appeared, attracted city leaders. Wangwensheng, general manager of Jinhua mobile company, introduced the functions of MMS in detail, and the municipal leaders listened very carefully. In particular, the SMS vending machine opened the eyes of the city leaders. The salesman of the mobile company dialed the SMS number "71001", and a can of drinks rolled out of the vending machine in less than half a minute. Tang Lilu, Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party committee, picked up a tin of drinks and handed them to a leader of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who came to visit the exhibition together. He said wittily, "this is a small gift for our cooperation."

China packaging, founded in Jinhua in 1999, is the only directly affiliated station of China Packaging Association, a window for internal and external exchanges in the packaging industry at home and abroad, and the most authoritative professional packaging portal facing the world. After listening to the introduction of the person in charge of the station, Tang Li Lu said proudly that Jinhua is not a big place, but it can also "cover" the world! He encouraged the staff to continue their efforts to make the packaging bigger and stronger

at the booth next door, city leaders were interested in a set of "Chinese Electronic Library" of Jinhua Marketing Department of Nanjing Beidou cultural gifts Co., Ltd. Everyone was surprised to learn that this set of 10 CD-ROM e-books contained more than 3000 books, and the price was only 298 yuan. Chenzhangfeng, deputy secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party committee, said that with this set of books, it is equivalent to moving a library back home. The function of electronic products is really not small. Maogenzhi, vice chairman of Jinhua CPPCC and head of the United Front Work Department of Jinhua Municipal Party committee, bought one without hesitation

it is reported that unlike previous exhibitions, electronic and software products account for a large proportion of this exhibition, and many "digital products" are self-developed by Jinhua enterprises. This shows that after several years of development, Jinhua's high-tech enterprises have paid more attention to key work in the fields of energy conservation, equipment and raw materials, and their technological development level has become higher and higher

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