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The 2018 Shanghai International Ai exhibition once again kicked off the AI frenzy, and North China industrial control foresight went deep into the field of AI

recently, the fourth Shanghai International Ai Exhibition (AIE 2018) was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 2 to 4. With the theme of intelligent technology, changing the future, this AI exhibition comprehensively shows the fruitful achievements of the world's science and technology enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, jointly helping the AI era and leveraging the dividends of the AI field. Domestic and international well-known technology enterprises have shown their achievements in the field of artificial intelligence application segmentation, such as face recognition, speech recognition, machine vision, intelligent storage, intelligent transportation, automatic driving and so on

with the attention and assistance of global intelligence in the field of artificial intelligence, it determines the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. At present, artificial intelligence has ushered in a blowout period of development. It is reported that the global AI market reached 168.39 billion yuan in 2015 and is expected to reach 269.73 billion yuan in 2018, with a compound growth rate of 17%. With the further development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence will be one of the development trends in the future. At present, foreign technology giants, including Google and Microsoft, are increasing investment and R & D in AI technology. Domestic companies including Baidu and Alibaba are also actively engaged in the research and development of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence is so powerful and has attracted so much attention, so what is artificial intelligence? It is big data + algorithm model = artificial intelligence. The reason why artificial intelligence is strong lies in big data. Only by accumulating a large amount of training data can we improve the level of artificial intelligence. Then it is data processing. Artificial intelligence realizes its powerful function by relying on data and using algorithms as tools

at present, the collection and storage of AI big data need strong computer system to support; In addition, the training and learning of artificial intelligence based on model algorithm should be supported by high-performance and reliable computer system at this stage and in the future. In view of the more and more extensive application scenarios of artificial intelligence, and many applications may be in extremely harsh working environments, as well as the consideration of higher requirements for the reliability of computer hardware, applications and equipment in artificial intelligence will increasingly adopt industrial computer products that can operate continuously, stably and reliably in harsh working environments

with keen vision and forward-looking concept, North China industrial control believes that the future will be the golden period of rapid development of artificial intelligence and will lead the next industry outlet. To this end, North China industrial control is also closely following the development trend of artificial intelligence, and has some exchanges and cooperation with some domestic artificial intelligence R & D companies that can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. In some development directions of artificial intelligence, North China industrial control is actively carrying out relevant technology research and development and technical reserves. At present, some high-quality and reliable methods of North China industrial control or changing the water level and other methods; Embedded industrial computer products have been applied in some AI products

at present, some industrial computer hardware products in the field of artificial intelligence are still being developed and incubated in North China industrial control. In the future, these industrial computers representing the R & D level of North China industrial control technology are expected to bring suitable computer solutions to domestic artificial intelligence R & D companies

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, the leader in the field of industrial control computers. Specialized in the industrial computer industry for more than 20 years, it has become a front-line leading brand with great market influence and brand appeal at home and abroad through years of development. Because of concentration, it is professional. All the time, North China industrial control adheres to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, takes innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and has created a series of high-quality and high-tech industrial computer products

at present, the main product series of North China industrial control include: Industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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