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2018 semiconductor lighting and plant factory Summit Forum was held in Gao'an

recently, 2018 semiconductor lighting and plant factory Summit Forum was held in Gao'an. Qin Guifang, deputy director of the rural science and Technology Department of the Department of science and technology of Jiangxi Province, Yang Qichang, chairman of the National Smart plant factory innovation alliance, Zhang Guoyi, professor and doctoral advisor of the school of physics of Peking University, and Yuan Hegeng, Fu Renbao, Xu Aiwen and Hu Jiangfeng, leaders of Gao'an city attended the meeting

in recent years, Gao'an has seized the historical opportunity of the country to encourage the development of strategic emerging industries, actively cultivated and expanded the optoelectronic industry, and realized the wonderful evolution of the optoelectronic industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong; It also attaches great importance to the construction of the Institute of optoelectronics, and introduces professor tongyuzhen and other talents from the Institute of Optoelectronics of Peking University to create a plant plant factory R & D center in Gao'an to create a modern agricultural plant factory using the role of light sources

plant factory is an agricultural production mode with highly intensive knowledge and technology and integrated innovation in modern facility agriculture, agricultural cultivation technology, environmental control, material science, construction engineering, computer and other disciplines. It has opened up new applications in the field of plant planting and Bioengineering, and expanded the development path of high-yield, efficient, high-quality, healthy and sustainable emerging industries, Lego is one of the most dynamic fields to absorb and apply high-tech achievements in the process of agricultural industrialization. Lego is actively looking for sustainable materials to replace ABS plastics and potential fields, representing the development direction of agriculture in the future

at the meeting, experts and scholars discussed the development of Gao'an photoelectric industry and plant factory industry and how Gao'an can more effectively attract and serve high-level talents. With the convening of this meeting, Gao'an will further improve the industrial development level of Gao'an plant factory, and build a policy support platform for the efficient utilization of industrial resources and the overall improvement of technical level. At the same time, it takes only 8 seconds to actively integrate the relevant resources of the province and even the whole country for one-time processing of the full sample gap. Relying on the advantages of member units, it promotes the rapid development of industrial technology of Gao'an plant factory and leads the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

During the meeting, the leaders attending the meeting unveiled the strategic alliance for technological innovation of Jiangxi plant factory industry, and elected the first chairman unit and vice chairman unit. Chinese Academy of engineering, Peking University, Nanchang University and other well-known domestic scholars and industry elites from Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places gathered together to attend the 2018 semiconductor lighting and plant factory Summit Forum, and expressed their views on the topics of "current situation and development trend of China's facility agriculture", "opportunities and challenges of silicon Pu stadium exhibition of China's plant factories" and so on

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