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Philippine power energy 2018

Philippine power energy 2018_ News of the exhibition: the Philippine power show has received the

10:39 from many departments and associations. Source: global united business circle//

original title: 2018 Philippine power energy show_ News of the exhibition: the Philippine power show has received

from many departments and associations

2018 Philippine International Power and energy exhibition

Venue: Philippines Manila

industry: power/smart electricity/meter

exhibition time at present, the market lacks science for this new thing, aluminum alloy cable Systematic publicity and introduction: November 14-17, 2018 (once a year)

China general agent: Yuping Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.

exhibition introduction:

Philippines International Electric Energy Exhibition (iiee 2018) was hosted by the Institute of integrated electrical engineering of the Philippines, Inc., the most representative local industry association, and the fifth Philippines lighting exhibition was held at the same time. The association is a non-profit technical professional organization established in 1975. It is the first and only professional organization in the Philippines that has passed the ISO9001:2000 certification. At the beginning of its establishment, the association had only 500 members, and now it has 42700 members. The 2017 exhibition focuses on the development of the Philippine economy and power industry around the theme of sustaining growth initiatives for Global Excellence. During the four-day exhibition, 230 enterprises from 25 countries and regions bloomed at the exhibition, competing with the latest products, technologies and solutions, with more than 75% of international exhibitors. There are more than 10000 professional visitors from more than 80 countries and regions

Introduction to Philippine power market:

the Philippines is a major emerging market for energy investment in Southeast Asia. At present, the reserve power generation capacity is about 5GW. In addition, the Philippines is also one of the only two free power markets in Southeast Asia, and the other is Singapore

the electricity demand of the Philippines has been steadily rising. Between 2005 and 2015, the installed capacity of the Philippines increased by 20%. Over the same period, coal power capacity surged by 50% and photovoltaic, wind power and biomass power generation capacity also increased, but last year, the proportion of such technologies in the total power generation capacity is still only 4.4% in the next 20 years. As far as Luzon region is concerned, the power demand in 2012 was 7.969 million KW, and the government expects a shortage of 500000 kW and 8.1 million KW by 2016 and 2030 respectively. Therefore, to solve the power shortage has become one of the most urgent problems in the Philippines in the current period because of its high temperature and chemical resistance

unlike China, Japan, India and other countries, the Philippines began to implement electricity market regulation as early as 2001. The wholesale electricity market in the Philippines was established in 2006, covering the two main islands of the country, Luzon and Visayas. However, only 8% of electricity was traded through the Philippine spot market in 2015. In addition, the Philippines also introduced retail competition and opening-up policies in 2013. In June 2016, the minimum power consumption threshold for competitive consumers (that is, consumers who have the right to choose their own power suppliers) has been reduced from 1MW to 750kW. Power distribution plants are restricted and can only supply power to users other than competitive consumers. In the past 10 years, the compound annual growth rate of power demand in the Philippines was 4%; In the wholesale electricity market in the Philippines, competitive consumers account for 13% of total demand. In recent years, the Philippines has rapidly developed into an important overseas market for China's power enterprises. Exhibition registration -:/: caixiaofan

review of the 42nd Philippine power energy and lighting exhibition group

power station equipment and products: power devices, high voltage switches, transmission, distribution networks, transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, tensile strength of power capacitors, high voltage switchgear, monitors, electrical engineering, power supply and accessories, wires and cables, insulating materials, measuring equipment, etc

power transmission and transformation equipment and products: transformer, instrument transformer, power frequency converter, cable wire, power capacitor arrester, grounding resistance, reactor, electric furnace and heating equipment, electric welding machine, insulator and others; Power distribution devices and control equipment, switchgear, high-voltage switches, high-voltage circuit breakers, low-voltage circuit breakers; Clean energy and other equipment manufacturing

power generation equipment: all kinds of power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, solar energy technology and equipment, clean renewable energy, atomic nuclear reactor, steam boiler, steam turbine and other energy power generation systems

motors and generators: DC generators, alternators, generators, motors, electric tools and other motors and generators

all kinds of power generation equipment: all kinds of motors and generators, DC generators, alternators, generators, motors, electric tools and other motors and generators. Wind power generation equipment, solar energy technology and equipment, waste treatment energy technology, renewable energy, atomic nuclear reactor, steam boiler, steam turbine and other energy power generation systems

new and renewable energy: wind power generation, solar energy technology, energy consumption monitoring and services, energy measurement, environment, environmental consulting, environmental research, power and wind power devices, recycling systems (solid, liquid, steam), tidal energy, etc

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