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2018 report of the world's leading paint manufacturers

2018 report of the world's leading paint manufacturers

December 21, 2018

many changes have taken place in the ranking of top paint enterprises in 2018. PPG ranked first for a row, and Sherwin Williams beat AkzoNobel to rank second due to its acquisition of Valspar, a Valspar company, last year. Six companies withdrew from the list this year, including Dunn Edwards, Helios coatings and Valspar, which were acquired last year; And Mido paint and pachin, which were affected by the devaluation of the Egyptian currency; In addition, there is boero China paint with sales of less than US $100million. This year, three coating companies are new to the list - they are bridge coating, Adler werk lackfabrik and Frei lacke. It is gratifying that bridge coating is from China

there are 78 companies on the list, and the entry threshold is that the annual sales in 2017 exceed US $100million. The companies with asterisks in the ranking represent the estimates of paint world. If the excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts the exchange servo speed regulation system, you are a paint manufacturer, with a sales volume of more than US $100million in fiscal 2017, and you hope to be included in our list of the world's top paint manufacturers, please contact me, and I will add your company to the previous edition

2018 the world's leading paint manufacturer

01 PPG

annual sales: US $14.8 billion

according to PPG company's report, the company's net sales in 2017 were US $14.8 billion and its net income from continuing operations was US $1.4 billion. In the past four years, PPG has spent an average of US $480million annually on R & D investment

at present, PPG has about 47000 employees worldwide. In 2017, its industrial coatings Department accounted for 41% of net sales, and its high-performance coatings Department accounted for 59% of net sales

PPG company launched the following products in 2017: Olympic SmartGuard flexible packaging wood colorant; PPG spectracron 128 industrial workshop primer series; PPG timeless series; Revolutionary secondary fuel vapor barrier, which can be used to transport aircraft; PPG's next-generation psx 805 and psx800 coatings are suitable for steel and metal applications; Spectracron advantedge HPP primer; Sigma air pure paint to improve indoor air quality; PG aerocron electrophoretic primer, a commercial electrophoretic coating technology that can be used by aircraft manufacturers for the first time

in January 2017, PPG completed the acquisition of deutek S.A., a leading paint and architectural coating manufacturer in Romania, and also acquired several assets of Foton lion Automotive touch up paint company

in April of the same year, the company purchased the remaining 50% ownership interest of the Asian joint venture composed of IVC (Malaysia) Pte Ltd and ivc-ops (Singapore) Pte Ltd from its joint venture partner Omni plus System Pte Ltd

in September, PPG sold its remaining glass fiber business to Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd., and began to focus 100% on paint, coating and special materials

In October, PPG acquired crown group, an American paint application service provider. In January of 2018, the company acquired procoatings, a building paint and paint wholesaler

02. Xuanwei paint

annual sales: US $11.5 billion

Xuanwei paint company reported that the net sales in 2017 was US $14.9 billion. Excluding the sales of painting tools and equipment, the company's paint and coating sales are estimated to be about US $11.5 billion

the well-known brands of Xuanwei coating company include Shenwei Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Dutch boy Dutch boy, Xuanwei HGTV home, krylon, minwax, Cabot, Thompson s water seal, etc. At present, the products of Xuanwei brand are exclusively sold through stores and factories operated by more than 5100 companies, while other brands of the company are sold through leading large merchants, home centers, independent paint dealers, hardware stores, auto retailers and industrial dealers

Xuanwei coating company consists of three business departments: American group (60.9%), consumer brand group (14.4%) and high performance coating group (24.7%). American Group operates the exclusive sales points of Xuanwei brand coatings, colorant supplies, equipment and floor coatings in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The group also manufactures and sells all kinds of architectural coatings, industrial coatings and related products in Latin America through its stores and specialized distributors

the consumer brand group sells the industry's best-known brand portfolio and private label products through retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of China, and operates an efficient global supply chain for coatings and related products

high performance coatings group sells all kinds of coatings and topcoats, and faces a growing customer base in the general industrial, industrial wood, protective and marine, coiled materials, packaging and automotive markets in more than 110 countries

with the completion of the acquisition of Valspar on June 1st, 2017, the two companies have become a larger, more diversified and more global enterprise than before. It is believed that the acquisition of Valspar will prove to be a convincing exception to this rule. Since the completion of the acquisition, Xuanwei has invested a lot of efforts and energy to consolidate the relationship with customers, determine the correct organizational structure, and build momentum in each business area

Xuanwei paint company introduced loxon self-cleaning acrylic paint, which is a product specially designed for outdoor high-end masonry, which can provide a clean and beautiful appearance and high-performance protection. The self-cleaning formula can make dirt fall off easily with the contact of rain or water, and provide advanced durability, waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof characteristics

in addition to plaster, masonry and cement slabs, loxon self-cleaning acrylic paint can also be directly applied to exposed or pre coated concrete at least 7 days in advance. Its pH value is and the temperature is as low as 35 ° F. This product complies with the strictest VOC regulations. There are various colors of flat paint available in the store of Xuanwei paint company in the United States

03. AkzoNobel

annual sales: US $11.46 billion

AkzoNobel has about 35700 employees in more than 80 countries, and the sales of paint and coatings in 2017 was US $11.46 billion. It accounts for 12% of sales in North America, 33% in some mature markets in Europe, 9% in emerging markets in Europe, 32% in the Asia Pacific region, 9% in Latin America and 5% in other regions. The revenue of the decorative coatings business division is divided into decorative coatings Europe, the Middle East and Africa accounting for 54%, decorative coatings Latin America accounting for 13% and decorative coatings Asia accounting for 33%. The revenue breakdown of the high-performance coatings business unit is marine and protective coatings accounting for 22%, automotive and special coatings accounting for 27%, and industrial and powder coatings accounting for 51%

last year, AkzoNobel consolidated its global leading position in the field of high-performance coatings by acquiring the powder coating business of wdertech, the protective coating business of flexcrete Technology Co., Ltd. and the special coating business of disa Technology (disatech)

the company has opened the world's most advanced and sustainable coating plant in ashington, ashington, UK. This will become the production center of Dulux Dulux, a leading global brand of AkzoNobel, which has also been rated as the healthiest brand in the UK

other examples of the company's focus on strengthening its business include the 13million Euro investment in the UK's new innovation center and the opening of a new high-performance coating plant in Chonburi, chunburi Province, Thailand

In September, AkzoNobel ranked first in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

AkzoNobel sold all its specialty chemicals business to Carlyle Group and GIC, the Singapore government investment company, with an enterprise value of 10.1 billion euros. AkzoNobel professional chemicals business department was re launched as an independent company nouryon

AkzoNobel made special progress in Pakistan in 2017, launching a series of complete indoor and outdoor paint products - Dulux promise. Dulux Dulux promise is AkzoNobel's first product to enter the mass market coating field in the country

another exciting release is a series of innovative coating products with intelligent functions. One example is the upgrading of Dulux weathershield series exterior wall special paint

04. Nippon Paint

annual sales: US $5.4 billion

Nippon Paint produces all kinds of paints and coatings, and has a wide range of applications, including automobiles, construction, construction, timber, steel structures, ships, metals, electrical equipment, machinery, roads and household appliances. It is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Asia, with 33 manufacturing plants, producing more than 1million tons of paint and paint every year

the sales of Nippon Paint in fiscal 2017 increased by 91.2 billion yen to 650.2 billion yen year-on-year. Operating profit decreased by 5billion yen compared with the previous year, mainly due to the impact of rising raw material prices in China

in terms of existing business, sales in Asia increased by 17% over the previous year, mainly in the fields of decorative coatings, automotive coatings and industrial coatings in China. In addition, the growth was also reflected in the field of automotive coatings in Japan. In terms of enterprise mergers and acquisitions, Nippon strengthened its industrial furniture coating business, acquiring China Huizhou long run fat CRF and Dunn Edwards, an American decorative coating manufacturer. Since 1925, Dunn Edwards has been a leading coating manufacturer in the southwest of the United States. Huizhou RT Mart CRF has strength in the rapidly developing industrial wood coatings market. These acquisitions will help Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. realize its vision of becoming a major player in the global paint market

in addition, Nippon lacquer established a gennosuke obata scholarship fund at Harvard Graduate School of design (GSD). The fund will provide financial assistance to GSD students from design graduate schools in Asian countries. This is to help attract, recruit and support excellent design scholars in the region, so that they can strive to become leaders in changing the social and architectural environment

05. RPM international company

annual sales: 5billion US dollars

RPM international company is a multinational holding company. Its subsidiaries produce and sell high-performance coatings, sealants and special chemicals, mainly for maintenance, repair and improvement applications. The company has about 14000 employees and 139 factories in 26 countries

RPM reported revenue of $5billion in 2017. In fiscal 2017, the company's industrial products accounted for 52% of its total paint sales, consumer goods accounted for 34%, and special coatings accounted for 4%. The operation teams of industrial brands include tremco, stonhard, carboline and tremco illbruck. The operation teams of special brands are day glo, dryvit, Mohawk and Petit. The operation team of consumer goods brands includes rust oleum group, DAP, varathane, Zinsser and testers

RPM has a diversified product portfolio and hundreds of brand products, many of which are in the leading position in market share and sales in their respective market areas

according to the company, brand leadership provides rpm's operating companies with many advantages, including the ability to obtain high pricing, shorten the sales cycle, and reap repeated purchases due to brand loyalty. The company recently launched the following products: carboline carbozinc 608 HB epoxy zinc rich primer can eliminate the epoxy intermediate coating of typical 3-coat system; RPM Be

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